Zhejiang University 2022 in the second half of the experiment technology, and other professional and technical positions open recruitment announcement

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Unit introduction

Zhejiang University is closely around the“ability and political integrity, for the comprehensive development,”the core requirements, comprehensive implementation of LiDE tree people simply task, and strive to cultivate intellectually Laura comprehensive development, globally competitive high-quality innovative talents and leaders. In the long-term educational process, the school emerged a large number of famous scientists, cultural masters and walks to the elite leaders, including 1 Nobel Prize winners, 5 national highest science and Technology Award winner, a 4-bit“两弹一星”meritorious medal winner, 1-bit“eight medal”winner of the 1 bit of the whole army hung like the British mold, 5-bit State Award winner, 6“Beautiful Struggle”and 210 more than academicians and other outstanding typically, to achieve the Chinese nation's great rejuvenation, and advance human civilization is the exchange of mutual authentication has made a positive contribution.

Zhejiang University focuses on the lapping academic and technological innovation, actively serving major strategic needs, to accelerate the build national strategy for scientific and technological strength, the construction of a batch of openness, international high-end academic platforms and brings together the various disciplines of scholars Masters and high-level research team, the outputs of the National Science and Technology Progress Prize as the representative of a series of major scientific and technological achievements. Philosophy of the social Sciences to strong momentum of development, the Chinese ancient painting series", and " China gift Tibet and Dunhuang studies, and other cultural heritage innovation at home and abroad were widely influential in.

Job description

Job title

CAD&CG State Key Laboratory of experimental techniques gang

Job responsibilities

Assume large-scale hardware and software systems design, architecture and development; undertake laboratory large-scale instruments and equipment, including the cluster system of routine maintenance work; undertake laboratory network facilities of the operating, failure analysis, operation monitoring, and daily work; undertake laboratory, mail server, home server maintenance, operation, management and other daily tasks; assist in lab teacher good equipment acquisition, maintenance, etc.; complete laboratory assigned by the work, such as the administration of office equipment such as projectors, cameras, computers, etc. the operation, maintenance and other routine maintenance.

Recruitment conditions:

  1. Having good English verbal skills and writing skills;

  2. Having related the field of system development and project management experience work experience; 3. Having professional technical Deputy High and above the duties of persons age may be appropriate to relax.


  1. Career preparation jobs: hiring staff to implement a contract of employment-based management, the first recruitment period of one year, the assessment of the candidates, the school with the other to renew the contract. Salary and benefits according to the school policy related to the implementation, according to the relevant provisions of the state to pay Social Security and provident Fund.

  2. Technical specialist jobs: School of technical specialists to provide not less than on-campus similar responsibilities, career preparation jobs salary, technical Commissioner by Hangzhou Jiangnan talent Service Co., Ltd. contributing to the Zhejiang University work, and the first hired a period of two years, Hangzhou Jiangnan talent Service Co., Ltd. according to the relevant national provisions to pay all kinds of social insurance and housing Fund, to enjoy, Hangzhou, social security-related treatment. The recruitment period, the technical specialists by the higher personnel authorities issued a delegate function after May participate in the school of professional and technical positions in review, a school for the outstanding performance of the technical Commissioner of the opening into the career preparation of the channel.

Application process

A. registration and assessment

Registration self-2022 11 4 February - 2022 11 month 20 date. Who meet the recruitment requirements and conditions and interested, please send your resume, skills, certificates, employment contracts, etc. to reflect himself capacity, experience related to the material sent to the recruiter, the first instance after the examination, merit-based hiring. For free professional and technical positions personnel declared, the requirements by qualification trial registration number not less than the planned number of jobs 3 times, otherwise it will cancel the recruitment.

Assessment work by the hiring unit according to the epidemic prevention and control requirements of the specific organization and implementation of, the relevant schedule to the recruiters follow-up notice.

Second, the investigation and Publicity

The assessment is completed, each post according to the assessment results to determine the investigated object. The recruitment unit of the study the object of ideological and political performance, ethics, quality, service ability, work performance, etc. were investigated.

Visits by personnel, by the employer reported to the school, the school through the audit determined to be hired personnel, online publicity 7 working days.

Third, the examination and hiring

Public expires, the proposed hiring of personnel without objection or to reflect the problematic verified does not affect the hiring, according to the check-recruitment formalities.

The proposed recruitment of personnel required on receipt of the offer letter within three months of the completion of the work, wherein the 2023 annual graduates required 2023 年 8 月 31 completed by the employee, otherwise cancel the proposed employment eligibility.

The proposed hiring personnel to abandon or cancel the proposed recruitment qualification, or evaluation, investigation, physical examination and other aspects of the emergence of substandard by the school decided to study whether the arrangements for the personnel replaced.

In the recruitment process providing false materials, once discovered, to cancel the recruitment and hiring qualifications.

This recruitment if you have a specific question, please ask the recruiter or school human resources consulting, the hiring unit contact details are found in Annex.


Job Features

Job Category


Academic requirements


Number of vacancies

1 person

Age requirement

35 years old and below

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All the application information and data will be protected under GDPR


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