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//Unit introduction//

Huazhong University of Science and Technology Electrical and Electronic Engineering, College of Wang Zhiqiang Professor and subject head of the period engaged in wide-bandgap power semiconductor package integration and application of research. Team Professor, 3 doctoral and master students of more than 40, with the domestic first-class power semiconductor package is integrated with power electronic technology research platform, Huazhong University of Science and Technology Electrical and Electronic Engineering, College of Wang Zhiqiang Professor of the research group is a set of electrical, mechanical, materials, etc. of the University section of the Cross of the research team. We sincerely invite domestic and overseas young talents to join, promote the wide bandgap power semiconductor devices and Power Electronic Industry Development, hand in hand, create a better future!

//The head of the profile//

Wang Zhiqiang, male, Hunan Hengyang people, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Professor, doctoral supervisor, the National Science and technology innovation talent team, the National Youth Talent project was selected persons. In 2007 and 2010 respectively, to obtain Hunan University Bachelor's degree, Zhejiang University Master's degree. In 2010 went to Virginia Tech in Power Electronics Systems Center Ph. D. program in 2011 to transfer to the University of Tennessee, and in 2015 was awarded the University of Tennessee electrical engineering PhD. 2014 to join the U.S. Oak Ridge National Laboratory, has worked as an assistant researcher(Postmaster Research Associate, and associate researcher at the R&D Associate Staff Member, a researcher at the R&D Staff Member in. 2018 has also served as the University of Tennessee adjunct Professor Adjunct Faculty in. Wang Zhiqiang Professor has long been engaged in wide band gap SiC & GaN power semiconductor chip package of integrated technology and its application in high temperature and high power density power electronic device applications. Had to separate the auspices of the U.S. Department of Energy Research Project 2 items to participate in other research projects more than 10, mainly related to aerospace, new energy vehicles and other fields. Currently the auspices of the National Science and Technology Innovation Team Project, National Youth Talent Project, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, business cooperation and other projects. Published and hiring academic papers and more than 60 articles, including more than 20 papers in SCI indexed IEEE Transactions papers, issued and pending U.S. Patent 5, authored book chapters 1.Research by the BBC, Electronics Weekly, the U.S. Department of Energy website and other media coverage, and has won the recognition and rewards, including Oak Ridge National Laboratory“personal annual Outstanding Contribution”to the recognition, Oak Ridge National Laboratory,“a major scientific event”award, the U.S. Department of energy“2017 annual vehicle technical achievement highlights”, IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications“outstanding contribution to the editorial Board of”award, IEEE IAS Renewable and Sustainable Energy Conversion Systems Committee 2019 Best Paper Award, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics“outstanding thesis jury”award, etc.

//Job description//

Recruitment direction:

  1. Power electronics

  2. Semiconductor package

  3. Thermal design and analysis

Recruitment conditions

  1. Age is generally not more than 35 years of age, physical and mental health

  2. Has obtained a PhD no more than 3 years or about to obtain a PhD in

  3. Rigorous and pragmatic, motivated, has the good team cooperation spirit and strong sense of responsibility

  4. In the foreign professional journals published by academic papers, relevant research project experience is preferred

  5. Have strong English reading and writing ability


  1. Postdoctoral each recruitment period of 2-3 years, the annual salary of not less than 50 million, including a special program subsidies, the specific treatment negotiable

  2. With key technology research and development, promote innovation and entrepreneurship

  3. In support of the application postdoctoral innovation talent Support Program, post-doctoral Fund, the National Natural Science Fund Youth Project, etc.

//Application process//

Interested candidates please send your resume sent to the mailbox: it. Have any work on the problem, welcome to contact us for consultation.

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