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Zhejiang University of technology of River College 1999 by the Zhejiang Provincial People's government approved, by the Ministry of Education confirmed, Zhejiang University of Technology held a full-time undergraduate Independent Institute, 2012 by Zhejiang University of technology and Shaoxing City Keqiao district cooperative organized. 2013 年 9 月 plays a College freshman in Shaoxing campus school. 2015, is listed as Zhejiang province, the first batch of ten of the application-the construction of a pilot demonstration School in 2017, becoming, Zhejiang province, a master's degree awarded to units of the building units. In 2019, becoming the Zhejiang province, the first batch of ten produced to teach the fusion of the base model, one of the first batch of the Ministry of education 1+X certificate of the pilot colleges. The existing 11 Secondary College 1 Education Department, professional settings closely Zhejiang provincial economic construction and social development needs, the existing 40 undergraduate majors, to engineering, science, literature, law, management, Economics, arts, etc. of the seven University section of the categories. Full-time undergraduate students 9900 people around. College in relying on Zhejiang University of Technology Faculty of advantages on the basis of, focus on the introduction of domestic and overseas high-level talents, the existing full-time teachers more than 400 people, has a PhD or advanced technical positions of teachers accounted for 50 per cent.

  1. Post requirements planning tables

  1. High-level talent type

A leading talent in A class talent: the disciplines, professional leader or leaders. Mainly including at the provincial level and above, with outstanding contributions expert, instructional designer, provincial team leader, or in this subject area knowledge is deep and has a wide influence in the doctoral supervisor, the Provincial Grand experts, the provincial universities Qiantang River scholars distinguished Professor; the provincial-level key disciplines, Key Laboratory leaders, etc., or identified with the talent level of the domestic and overseas talent. Having a PhD degree, the age is generally not more than 48 years of age.

(二)early Lake scholar, B class talent: it has a city-level team leader, or more experienced, or have a high-quality research outputs, the iconic achievements of senior professional and technical positions in talent,or an equivalent academic attainments of domestic and overseas high-level talents, or in the course(professional)enjoys a high popularity, there is a strong practical application ability, and is well-known enterprises to develop the product or solved the actual problem. Having a PhD degree, the age is generally not more than 45 years of age.

Three young talent C class talent: the outstanding young Dr., age is generally not more than 40 years of age. Meet the school discipline construction and application-oriented talent training needs, development potential, with well-known overseas universities to study in the background of priority in the introduction. Particularly outstanding PhD, and belongs to the disciplines of much-needed talent, but over the age of 40 years old, by the secondary school Department filed, the College of talent introduction leadership panel discussion with the consent can be relaxed to 45 years of age.

  1. High-level talent introduction treatment

The introduction of high-level talents give Shaoxing career preparation, and College provides housing subsidies, relocation fees, rental subsidies and research Start-Up Fund, the specific criteria are as follows:

·Super million housing subsidies: young Dr. homeownership subsidies 120-150 million with Keqiao district room ticket 40 million allowances 10. 8 million km.

·Court appointed Vice-fellow: the introduction of the new talent can apply for a court appointed Research Fellow or research associate positions.

·Performance benefits to enjoy, associate Professor, treatment: not having a senior professional and technical positions in the new introduction, Dr., three-year job performance benefits by professional and technical level Seven Hills implementation. Nothing more than a liter-and-go requirements.

·Workload reduction: a new introduction PhD teachers, not having a mid-level technical positions, the first-year performance appraisal point relief of 70%, the second year of the relief 50%; with intermediate and above technical positions, the first year of the performance point relief of 50%.

·Excellent Master now Lecturer treatment: a shortage of professional excellence postgraduate using the annual salary of the one-person, one policy, the signing of the agreement, clear tasks and pay you. Introduction of the new not having a mid-level professional and technical positions in the outstanding Master's graduate, with three years post performance benefits by professional Technology Ten has a job to perform. The newly introduced first-year deductible 50%of the workload.

·High-level talents of the children enrolled assurance: high-level personnel of a child may apply Keqiao district education“green card”.

  1. Resume delivery way

Interested candidates please send your resume including the basic information, learning and work experiences, thesis, projects, patents and awards, and other major academic achievements, proof of identity, academic degree certificate and other proof material to“XX school+XX post+the highest degree+your name in the”name to send to the College to contact the mailbox, 并抄送至组织人事部招聘邮箱 it.

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