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Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Pinghu intelligent photoelectric Research Institute is composed of Pinghu municipal government and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, jointly initiated the establishment of an independent legal personality, a self-supporting private non-enterprise units, was established in 2019 and 3 months. The Institute is mainly engaged in the optoelectronic industry, technology research, project incubation, talent training, the goal is to build the domestic first-class, international leading Photonics technology hub, and industrial hub and the innovation hub, to become China's Optoelectronic Technology Innovation of the Highlands, the industrial agglomeration of the Highlands and technical talent in the Highlands.

Institute for implementation of the leadership team, under the leadership of President responsibility system under the platform of the Ministry of construction, project incubation Department, Administrative Department, financial Department, personnel Department of General Services, etc. Institute of associated site area of 14700 square meters, is divided into administrative office area, ultra-clean laboratories, industry incubation area, currently the Institute of the related staff size 200 people, Research Institute of the body a staff of nearly 50 people. The future academician workstation of the project will be settled Chi Chong Park, further boosting the production-study-research integration, boost the high-end talent introduction, for Pinghu photoelectric industry, intelligent manufacturing industry to add new vitality, full power, Pinghu industrial transformation and upgrading.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Pinghu intelligent photoelectric Research Institute testing platform as a shared research service platform, to undertake various types of photoelectric research project package test analysis tasks, the relevant photovoltaic industry and research institutions to conduct package testing services and research cooperation.“ Quality first, service first”is the package of the test platform adhering to the philosophy, with excellent quality provide customers with efficient, high-quality optoelectronic packaging and testing services. Seal test platform clean room area of about 600 square meters, equipment assets of about 6000 million, comprising optoelectronic packaging, morphology test, frequency test, the optical transmission system testing, failure analysis, etc. The platform will develop integrated optoelectronic chip standardized package of optical, electrical, mechanical, thermal technology, and built integrated optoelectronic chip package ability to provide small quantities of optoelectronic packaging services; development of integrated optoelectronic chip automatic test technology, the establishment of integrated optoelectronic chip standardized test procedures, test criteria, provide small quantities of the optoelectronic chip testing services.

Job description

Duties description:

o optoelectronic integrated silicon light and heterogeneous heterogeneous integration chip design, processing, testing and packaging

o optoelectronic module development, the light/machine/electromagnetic/thermal, and other related design

o optical communications, optoelectronic-related circuits and systems, test and control, system application

Job requirements:

o physical and mental health, cheerful, with good team spirit and a strong sense of responsibility

o get a PhD, there Optoelectronics, Microelectronics, electromagnetic, optical, semiconductor, physics, electronics, and other related professional background

o love of scientific research, has strong research capabilities, can independently carry out research work

o have good English reading and writing skills, and understand the professional and cutting-edge technology

o good at instruments and equipment development, has a rich optoelectronic device testing and packaging technology experience is preferred

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