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Company profile

Ningbo section element refinement Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 to 4 January, the registered capital of 6. 7 billion yuan, the Company factory is located in Zhejiang province Ningbo Beilun Qing Zhi industrial zone, covers an area of about 24 million square meters of 360 acres, is Section yuan Holdings Group in Ningbo, Zhejiang industrial base of the main body of the company, is a heavy oil as a raw material to form the whole industrial chain of Fine Chemicals business. Its products are widely used in chemical industry, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, food, precision electronics, optical and other industries. Ningbo section element is a green petrochemical to the Fine Chemical and other processes to complete,is a production technology level in the domestic excellent green petrochemical high-tech enterprises. 2018 gross value of industrial output 103. 6 billion, by 2019 the estimated total industrial output value of 120 million.

Job description

Research topic: the traditional energy-intensive chemical companies in advance to achieve the carbon peak of the path of Economic Research

Major: chemical engineering or environmental engineering, etc. consistent with the subject in the direction of The Associated Professional


1, lead the team to complete project from research, project development, R & D, design to the junction of the full process.

2, master a variety of process validation, performance testing, method validation, product characterization techniques.


A through the Ph. D. thesis of recent Ph. D. graduates, or get a PhD in three years the previous doctor.

The candidates should meet the national competent authority the provisions of the companies post-doctoral stint conditions, age at 35 years of age, the excellent who can be relaxed to 40 years of age.

Three excellent, healthy, ideological and political manifestations in good condition, with strong scientific research ability, professionalism and innovation.

IV includes full-time in the station engaged in post-doctoral research work priority.

(Five)the professional, the main research direction and research expertise for Division I post-doctoral research needs.

VI has a very strong writing related technical material, patents and applications of the material capacity. Skilled application of a variety of engineering and research equipment, numerical simulation tools.

Other information

Language Requirements: no limit

Industry: Energy/Chemical/Environmental

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