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Bo Wei group was founded in 1987, after 30 years of rapid and healthy development, on a global scale has six manufacturing base and a capital cooperation platform, a set of new material, new energy, precision cutting wire, precision parts, high-end sanitary ware, capital, cooperation and so on six big industries in one of the high-tech, capital-friendly, international group of companies.

In the Broadway people together, PowerWay group is the national first batch of“Innovative Enterprise”,“National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise”, with the“National Enterprise Technology Center, postdoctoral scientific research workstation”,“National recognized laboratory”and“national and local joint Engineering Research Center”and the R & D innovation platform.

PowerWay Group owns Ningbo PowerWay alloy material Co., Ltd. Shanghai Stock Exchange listed on the main Board, stock code: 601137, the Bo Wiltshire Vietnam Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Ningbo Bode high-tech Co., Ltd., Ningbo Bo Mann Industries Co. Ltd., ITA Lisa Vietnam Co., Ltd., Ningbo bowei Investment Co., Ltd. 2015 年 9 月 30 day successfully acquired the German Behnke Hof the company's 100% equity. Now has PowerWay Yunlong, PowerWay Marina, Bodrum high section, PowerWay Vietnam, Germany Hoy Hale Heim, Germany Herr Bourne six industrial Park, covers an area of 75.1 million square meters, a total staff of more than 6,000 people, including professional and technical staff more than 800 people.

The group currently has 151 member of invention patent, which the Chinese invention patent 44, Europe and other countries patent 107 member, while there are a number of Chinese and international invention patents are declared and approved; and the chair and responsible for drafting the 16 national standards, 5 industry standards; assume 1 national“thirteen five”key research and Development Plan of the project; assume 2 National Science and Technology Support Program projects, 5 national torch plan project, 2 National Science and Technology Innovation Fund Project, 2 national key new products; for many years as the Bank credit AAA level enterprise.

Job description

Job responsibilities:

1, responsible for the project subject to the technical feasibility analysis;

2, responsible for the project subject of the study design, the overall project planning and project funding budget;

3, responsible for the organizations to develop a small test and pilot research programme, phase summary and review;

4, responsible for assisting in the development of the industrialization programme planning, stage co-summary and review;

5, responsible for the organization of the process of standards development and review


PhD degree, non-ferrous materials, copper alloy research experience preferred

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