Zhejiang University to recruit young scholars

Posted 11 months ago

Unit introduction

“Zhejiang University Psychological Center for Scientific Research”Center for Psychological Sciences, Zhejiang University, is the Zhejiang University“provided the backbone of the basic science building support plan”for the construction project. The center will give full play to Zhejiang University multidisciplinary agglomeration effect, facing the scientific frontier, facing the national economy of the new situation and new technology to produce the key scientific issues, the formation of high-quality interdisciplinary research team, through participation in major national projects, as well as with research institutes and enterprises of widespread cooperation in related fields forefront of the exploration and industrial innovation, applied research, and high-standard construction of domestic and foreign influential research and talent training base.

      Zhejiang University Psychological Science Research Center will be dedicated to young scientists achieve dreams of the platform. The fourth session of the Zhejiang University Psychological Center for scientific research for Young Scientists Forum will be held in 2022 12 on 17 November to 18 November at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou held. The theme of this forum covering the psychological Sciences and related disciplines of cutting-edge research.

Recruiting profile

Recruitment conditions:

In particular, we encourage the following areas of research of young scholars the application for participation in the meeting: 1. the psychological and Behavioral Science, (2)The Brain Science, (3)Human Factors Engineering Science, (4)computer science, etc.

 Applicants must have obtained, or will be in 2023 to obtain the above subjects related to Ph. D. degree.

The organizing Committee will be from the applicant in the selection of 10-15 people online or offline, the participants will be. If the line to participate in the meeting, the center will provide participants provides round-trip international travel, not to exceed $ 1,500, economy, and Hangzhou to its room and Board costs.

The Chairman of the forum: the ASO Ming academician, GE column congregation Professor

Reference: if the participants at the same time wish to apply for Zhejiang University Psychological Science Research Center related posts, please refer to the“Zhejiang University Psychological Center for scientific research”recruitment notices, please see the center of the Web page.

Job: Young Scholars

Education: Dr.

Professional requirements: computer science and Technology, Human Factors Engineering Science, psychological and behavioral Sciences

Application process

 Application materials should include resume, published papers directory, 3-5: representative papers in pdf files,

并请于11月17日之前提交至application@techtalentsuk.com it. Message subject marked“young scholars application+name“

Job Features

Job Category


Academic requirements

Master and above

Number of vacancies

1 person

Apply Online

A valid phone number is required.
A valid email address is required.

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All the application information and data will be protected under GDPR


所有应用程序信息和数据将受 GDPR 保护

All the application information and data will be protected under GDPR