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Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xinjiang Chemical Technology Institute was founded in 1961. The Institute around the country Development Strategy, facing a major national needs, for the Xinjiang regional economic and social development needs in resource-chemical, multi-lingual information technology, optical crystals, solid radiation physics, the thermal resistance, environmental functional materials, trace detection technology and other areas of the country and Xinjiang science and technology development has made outstanding contributions, is of Chinese Academy of Sciences deployed in Xinjiang, the national strategy for science and technology strength.

Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Natural Science Foundation of the highest academic institutions, science and technology, the highest Advisory body, the natural Sciences and high-tech comprehensive research and Development Center, the Institute as the Chinese Academy of Sciences deployed in Xinjiang, the only one of the high-tech Institute, invites aspiring to assume the state mission, a service of the national strategy for talented people to join, the Institute will provide you with a General business and personal growth the best platform!

A brief description of the project

According to a new era of Chinese Academy of Sciences talents to the work of the mission location, the Institute around the implementation of a new era of talent power strategy, in accordance with the“four first”and“two to accelerate the effort”objectives and requirements, and strive to build a fully show the national strategy for scientific and technological strength of the main army of the Mission play, a political firm, excellent quality, fine style, reasonable structure, an internationally competitive high-level talent team, build able to support high levels of Technology self-empowerment of the high-quality technology talent self-cultivation and world-class innovation and talent gathering and research innovative heights, as were the first to build a national innovation talent Highland lay a talent based in accelerating the construction of the world's major centres of excellence and innovation in the Highlands in the play“Indicus”role. Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xinjiang Chemical Technology Institute of self-2022 years 6 Months 1 day since the implementation of the“Silk Road talent plan”.

“Silk Road talent program”for domestic and foreign selection and appointment of“Silk Road generals talent”“Silk Road leading talent”“Silk Road backbone of talent”“of the Silk Road young talent”“Silk Road postdoctoral”, are required to have a Ph. D. and a degree candidates to implement the contract of appointment and the annual salary system, providing talent to the transition room can be bag check, in addition to the“Silk Road postdoctoral”hire period of 3 years, the rest are career preparation, and recruitment period of 5 years. Institute on the introduction of talent spouse to work, children to school and other aspects of their full support. Special areas of the shortage of talent is not affected by this Bulletin conditions, press the“thing”in consultation introduction.

Second, hiring a professional

Chemical, pharmaceutical, medicine, physics, electronics science and technology, nuclear science and Technology, School of materials science and Engineering, Computer Science and technology and other related professionals.

Third, the recruitment targets and support policies

A Silk Road generals talent

National outstanding talent in the domestic and foreign famous universities, research institutions as a Professor and quite office or to undertake the National Science and technology tasks, generate important academic achievements, having led the team to lead the International advanced level of ability. Salaries, research start-up funds, housing, treatment, team building and scientific research conditions, etc. to take a thing of the approach to consultation.

The Silk Road leading talent

In the domestic and foreign relevant discipline has a high academic reputation, with a strong collaborative spirit and academic organization and management ability, leadership prior academic team to undertake the national major scientific and technological tasks talent. The Silk Road leading talent should have I the researcher qualifications, age less than 50 years old.

The Silk Road leading talent A class, research start-up funds2200Million, The settling-in allowance300Millionit.

The Silk Road leading talent Class B, Research start-up funds1600Million, The settling-in allowance200Millionit.

The Silk Road leading talent C class, research start-up funds200-400Million, The settling-in allowance50-200Millionit.

(三)Silkroad key personnel

In the present discipline of the field of knowledge is deep, intellectual thought to be active, have the academic potential for development, scientific research ability, can lead the team to carry out high-level scientific work of talent. Silkroad key personnel should have I'm the associate Professor and the above qualifications, age not over 40 years old.

Silkroad key personnel A class, research start-up funds800-1200Million, The settling-in allowance50-150Millionit.

Silkroad key personnel B class, research start-up funds300Million, The settling-in allowance100Millionit.

The Silk Road young talent

Results highlight that having a larger culture potential, post-doctoral station or Ph. D. after having 3 years of relevant work experience, should have my assistant researcher and the above qualifications, age not over 40 years old, settling-in allowance30Millionit.

The Silk Road postdoctoral

Having a solid theoretical Foundation, high academic standards and strong scientific research ability, has the good communication ability and team cooperation spirit, of age not more than 35 years of age, annual salary30-50Millionit.

Fourth, the application materials

Personal resume including the basic personal situation, a learning experience, work experience and job performance; published treatise directories and citations and nearly 5 years of treatises; assume the project proved to the material; degree, domestic and overseas representation and has been approved by the outcome of the copy of the certificate; the recent bareheaded Photo 1 piece.

Five, contact information

Contact address: China, Xinjiang, Urumqi, Science II, Street No. 181

Postal code: 830011

E-mail:; the Mail the title note: apply for jobs+school+Your Name

Job Features

Job Category

All subject areas

Academic requirements

Dr. and above

Number of vacancies

No limit

Age requirement

50 years old and below

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