Xinxiang medical College recruiting overseas talent announcement

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School description

Xinxiang Medical College, Henan independently formed the Western undergraduate colleges, the“thirteen five”countries in the Midwest colleges and universities based capacity-building engineering support to universities, Henan province PhD project construction unit. Medical education began in 1922, in 1982, upgraded to undergraduate,named Xinxiang Medical School in 1998 and received a master's degree granted rights. 2006 smoothly through the Ministry of education undergraduate teaching level evaluation and get excellent; in 2016 the Ministry of education undergraduate teaching work of the audit assessment of the eligible group of experts praise; 2016 became the“Thirteenth Five-Year”National hundred of the Midwest universities based capacity-building engineering support to colleges and universities; in 2018 passed the Ministry of education of clinical medicine professional certification. In 2020, the school“immunization with the mode of Zoology section innovation base”approved state“111 plan”.

The school covers an area of 2537. 24 acres with 5 of the clinical College, and the building area is 187. 94 thousand square meters with 5, the clinical College of. Existing staff number 13718 people including 5 clinical College, and full-time students 18084 people, the Affiliated Hospital of 15, the founder of a domestic public offering publications 4 species, of which 2 species for the national Chinese core journals.

Disciplines covering medical, science, engineering, literature, law, management, education and other 7 categories, clinical medical disciplines into the ESI global ranking in the top 5 per thousand. Has the national clinical key specialties 1, Henan Province, A Class A characteristics of subjects Group 1, Henan Province features the backbone of the discipline 2 provincial key disciplines, 21. Approved Henan province doctorate awarded to the unit focus the project construction unit, the existing level discipline master's degree authorization points 12, Professional Degree Master's degree authorization points 10, has been training for 20 sessions of Master's graduate students. Existing undergraduate majors, 33, has featured professional-National 4, the provincial 11, first-class undergraduate construction Point National 4, the provincial of 16, first-class undergraduate courses National-Level 1 door, a provincial 43 door.

With national and local joint engineering laboratory 1, the provincial Key Lab 4, the provincial of the International Joint Laboratory of 15, the provincial collaborative innovation centers, research centers, and other disciplines platform 22, has a post-doctoral scientific research workstation 2, post-doctoral innovation practice Base 1, academician workstation 2. Nearly five years to assume the national-level scientific research projects 191 items, provincial and Ministerial level scientific research projects 317, research into account the total provision 2. 02 billion.

High-level talent introduction conditions and treatment

An introduction conditions

Strong recruitment strategy, talent, discipline leading talent and youth innovation talent. Domestic and overseas high-level College Professor, associate Professor and academic considerable variety of high-level talent can be declared. Condition requests can refer to Henan high-level talent identified classification and standards.

(二) - related treatment

High-level talents introduction for a conference, provide a settling-in allowance of 80-300 million RMB before tax, the same below, the annual salary of 60-300 million, scientific research Start Gold 300-5000 million yuan, at the same time with the academic team to provide on-campus turnaround housing set, solve the spouse to work and children to school and other issues. The school encouraged the introduction of talent to lead the innovation team to the school work, team members comply with the appropriate talent level of the standard, given the appropriate talent to treatment. The introduction of the excellent innovation team, combined with the related disciplines of construction requirements, based on the overall academic performance, academic level, etc., given to the team research starting capital of 500 million RMB 1000 million. The implementation specialist is responsible for the preparation, project accountability, support all kinds of talent to lead the formation of the cross-the Academy of joint, industry-University-research collaborative, multi-disciplinary integration of the innovation team.

Dr. introduce conditions and treatment

A research Start-Gold

Class A PhD, provides research starting capital of 300 million yuan;

Class B PhD, Natural Sciences class provides research starting capital of 100 million yuan, Humanities and Social Sciences class provides research starting capital of 30 million yuan;

Class C PhD, Natural Sciences class provides research starting capital of 50 million yuan, Humanities and Social Sciences class provides research starting capital of 20 million yuan;

Class D, PhD, Natural Sciences class provides research starting capital of 30 million yuan, Humanities and Social Sciences class provides research starting capital of 15 million yuan.


Enjoy three years of low-level high-employed wages, A Class A Dr. for the three professors treatment, Class B Dr is a four professors treatment, Class C Dr. to five-level, associate Professor, treatment, Class D Dr is a seven-level, associate Professor of treatment; enjoy the doctoral allowance 1000 RMB/month.

Three service guarantee

Provide school personnel housing set, service expires attributed to personal all. Eligible to be placed spouse jobs, solve their children to the nearest care, schooling issues.

Apply mode

My school all the year round to introduce high-level talents and excellent Dr., interested candidates please submit a detailed CV and relevant outcomes proof material, invites interested persons to call to consult, to school visits. To school to apply for and examine persons, the school will arrange accommodation and reimbursement of round-trip travel expenses to.


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