Zhejiang White Horse Lake laboratory postdoctoral job posting

Posted 3 months ago

Zhejiang White Horse Lake laboratory for energy and carbon-neutral Zhejiang Provincial Laboratory is approved by the Zhejiang provincial government approved by the Zhejiang Provincial Energy Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang University, Westlake University co-construction of new R & D institutions. Headquarters is located in Binjiang district, Hangzhou White Horse Lake, building area of 16. 7 million square meters, Lab 5-year construction investment of 85 million RMB.

Zhejiang White Horse Lake laboratory by Gao Xiang fellow of the Director, is currently the establishment of the research team of 9, including multi-national talents, in recent years undertaken a number of National important research project. Laboratory aim at the world energy technology development front, the focus of green energy to mass conversion and transfer, around solar energy conversion and catalysis, zero-carbon energy conversion and storage, energy-low carbon conversion with multi-energy coupling, etc. the main direction, to carry out fundamental, forward-looking, Leading of scientific research, the support to build a green, low-carbon energy technology innovation system. Now facing at home and abroad to recruit a post-doctoral several name.

One, the job title and requirements


1, in the domestic and overseas first-class graduate of the University of energy, chemical engineering, chemistry, physics, Control, Electrical, Computer, materials, environment and other related professional excellent doctoral graduates;

2, has a relevant academic background, with good English reading and writing skills;

3, the optical edge of the structure is good, Dr. during the first author or the corresponding author on the subjects of high-quality, high-level papers two papers and more;

4, can be full-time in the province of the White Horse Lake laboratory work;

5, there is a strong sense of teamwork and independent research work capacity;

6, age not over 35 years old.

Second, the relevant treatment

1, according to the research ability to provide competitive remuneration;

2, the China postdoctoral Science Foundation funded and provincial post-doctoral research project funded, in Hangzhou, the Binjiang district were given the corresponding supporting funding; and

3, the entry/exit station can assist in the application of Zhejiang province, Hangzhou city, the Riverside area corresponding to the post-doctoral subsidy policy;

3, the period of work performance excellent, outstanding performance, such as compliance with the corresponding requirements, priority is recommended Senior Research Fellow and other posts.

Third, the application program

The applicant via the e-mail link to request a detailed CV, including learning, research experiences, Ph. D. thesis title and abstract, a published article, etc., in the first instance by the post invitation to the White Horse Lake laboratory participate in a live or online interview.

CV and related material delivery mailbox: application@techtalentsuk.com it.

Job Features

Job Category

Science, engineering and technology

Academic requirements


Number of vacancies

No limit

Age requirement

35 years old and below

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