College of the Sanya Institute of 2023 full-time scientific staff recruitment announcement

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Unit description

College of Sanya Institute hereinafter referred to as: Sanya Institute is a College in Sanya city, Hainan Province registered a separate legal entity. Sanya Institute of around Hainan International Education Innovation island of positioning and the countries of the South complex research and breeding base in Hainan, the National Tropical Agricultural Science Center, the global plant and animal germplasm introduction of a transit base-building needs, by school cooperation between the two sides build a research base, sharing, teaching and research resources, to jointly promote scientific and technological achievements transformation, and the Hainan province to carry out all-round cooperation, and built“based in Sanya, service, Hainan, for the world,”the set of teaching, research and achievements in one of the National Agricultural Science and education base, services of Hainan high-level personnel training and technological innovation needs, assist Hainan accelerate free trade port and the International Educational Innovation island building.

Talent team

Sanya Institute has now formed 18 research team settled Sanya Yazhou Bay City for science and technology, including 3 members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, National, Jay Green, distinguished Professor of 9, the flow of the scientists of the total number of 117 people. The main research directions are: crop genetics and breeding; crop gene editing; crop phenotype group school; the soil and ecology; organic solid waste; information agriculture; land resources management and the beautiful countryside of the building; the horticultural germplasm innovation; food processing and detection; animal disease prevention and control; animal genetics and breeding

Personnel training

Sanya Institute of relying on the College of advantages discipline team and platform Resources, has enrolled in the Hainan Special graduate 95, of which Dr. 25, master, 70, full in Hainan culture.

Research platform

Existing independent laboratory 350 square meters, instruments and equipment 220 sets, with the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences, Sanya Institute of shared Yazhou Bay seed Laboratory, Building 1, 4 layer 24 between the laboratory, the construction area of about 960 square meters, shared equipment 828 sets. Modern agriculture and the Green Production Lab consists of crop molecular breeding platform, crop gene editing Platform, Specialty horticultural crops Physiological Ecology and germplasm innovation platform, crop pests and diseases Green control platform, animal green production and food security of the platform, agricultural waste recycling with the new fertilizer platform, building area total of 5710 square meters, is expected in 2022 9 months into use. The laboratory will be equipped with laser confocal microscopy, GC-MS analyzer, gene amplification instrument(PCR instrument and Equipment Co 1145 sets. The existing dam head base integrated test base of 287 acres.

A recruitment plan

The recruitment of full-time scientific staff of 5 people, research interests include:

1. Rice germplasm innovation 1 people;

2. Soybean germplasm innovation 1 people;

3. Horticultural crop germplasm innovation 1 people;

4. Crop gene editing 1 people;

5. Crop phenotype study 1 people.

Second, the job requirements

1. Full-time in Hainan work;

2. Having at home and abroad well-known universities Ph. D.; and

3. Full-time scientific staff of age, in principle at 40 years of age; and

4. Nearly five years in the art having an important influence on the results;

5. The high-level personnel not subject to the above conditions.

Third, the remuneration

1. Full-time researchers in 25-40 million years salary+Social Insurance+scientific assessment of the excitation, the high-level talent through a meeting of the manner determined;

2. Assist in the application of Sanya talents apartment and Yazhou Bay City for science and technology of high-level personnel subsidies, 80-400 million; and

3. Compliance with the conditions of, and incorporated into the College of full-time research job preparation.

Fourth, the research guarantee

1. Provide research start-up funds of 50 million yuan;

2. Providing office and laboratory space;

3. High-level talents scientific research start-up funds of not less than 200 million yuan.

Five, the recruitment process

1.有意者请将简历通过电子邮件以附件形式发送至 Mail the title Please specify:“post direction+applicant+contact telephone.”

Job Features

Job Category


Academic requirements


Number of vacancies

5 people

Age requirement

40 years old and below

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