Zhejiang Guang Xia construction vocational and Technical University of 2022 recruiting plan

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School description

Zhejiang Guangsha construction vocational and Technical University, hereinafter referred to as the school is approved by the National Ministry of Education approved the establishment of the undergraduate-level vocational schools. The school formerly-Zhejiang Guangsha construction vocational and Technical College, is in the original Jinhua urban-rural construction of the school and Zhejiang radio and television University, Dongyang College based on the formation in 2003 of 4 months, by the Zhejiang provincial government approval, the Ministry of education for the record of the formal modeling school. 2019 12 month, by the Ministry of Education approved the upgrading of undergraduate-level vocational schools, conducts undergraduate level vocational education pilot, the name of the school is tentatively scheduled for Zhejiang Guangsha construction vocational and Technical College, the undergraduate centre. 2020 6 months, by the Ministry of Education approved the school officially changed its name to Zhejiang Guangsha construction vocational and Technical University.

The school is located in the Zhejiang Golden definition of the Metropolitan area, is located in known as“the education of the township, the building of the township, Arts and crafts of the township”the reputation of the provincial historical and cultural city of Dongyang in. Now set 9 colleges and schools beautiful environment, facilities, built with modern buildings, experimental training room, Basketball Hall, Athletic Field, Sports Center, Library and all kinds of living facilities, campus Information good condition.

School based closely on school investment in the local and regional industrial advantages, formed a civil engineering major categories of professional and as a leader, advanced equipment manufacturing, information, creative, Finance, Commerce and Culture Arts categories such as professional coordination of the development of the professional landscape. Now open professional 37 professional, which, undergraduate majors, 18, a national backbone of the professional 2, the province of the Thirteenth Five-advantage features professional 7; construction engineering technology professional selected Zhejiang vocational high level of professional group of build list. Which construction engineering technology, engineering cost for the national backbone of the professional, the province of the Thirteenth Five advantages of Professional; Building Construction Supervision, building economic management, mechanical and electrical integration technology, international economy and trade, engraving art design is the province of the Thirteenth Five-featured professional.

Recruitment plan

This recruitment total plan of hiring a professional lead for several, Dr. A number of names; in particular the recruitment, recruitment conditions and associated conditions see the Zhejiang Guangsha construction vocational and Technical University of 2022 talent introduction plan in the table below: to

Note: the above professional teachers jobs, double teachers, enterprise work experience is preferred.

Recruitment objects and conditions

A recruitment objects

At home and abroad in line with the post conditions of the persons with full-time ordinary colleges and universities 2022 graduates in.

Graduate requirements 1982 1 month 1 day after birth, PhD student video title, discipline case interviews, and belongs to the full-time ordinary colleges and universities 2022 graduates in 2022 年 12 月 31 days to provide the appropriate level of education, degree.

Students must be in 2022 年 12 月 31 available by the Ministry of Education Study Centre for overseas education, degree certification, returned overseas students to prove.

Having a positive senior professional and technical qualifications of PhD students age may be appropriate to relax.

Two candidates basic conditions

Have a good political literacy and ethics, law-abiding, good character, a teacher capable of teaching, and post the required capacity, having a certain degree of organization and coordination ability and a strong collaborative spirit, physical and mental health.

Related treatment and description

1, enjoy a school-related wages and benefits.

2, according to the school-related files such as the spirit, enjoy an off-campus rental subsidies, Research start-up funds, and other related treatment.

3, according to the Dongyang city for high-level personnel of the policy, the introduction of talent can be declared local government to grant the appropriate level of the allowance.

Registration procedures

A registration

Intention to, with immediate effect master and below, please fill out the candidates for the registration form of the Annex, the PhD, associate Professor and above please fill out the introduction of talent registration form, and apply the material requirements see Annex are sent to the mailbox: application@techtalentsuk.com Mail the title note: candidates Post+Your Name+The Science+Education.

(二)qualification and primaries

The school received application materials after the personnel Department in conjunction with the relevant departments of the corresponding recruits material for eligibility review. To meet the recruitment needs of the staff, inviting them to come to the school participate in the assessment.

(三)employer assessment

Through the qualification of the personnel, the employer is responsible for the organization and implementation of examination work, through the interview and try to speak, defense, and other forms, the candidates of the idea of performance, morality literacy, research skills, teaching skills, educational background, work experience, potential for development, and physical health comprehensive assessment.

Employer assessment of the time the location notice.

IV School approval

Assessment results reported school principal Office meeting Research decision.

V medical examination

According to the civil service recruitment examination General standard trial)》(the revised implementation, in the above County level comprehensive hospital. Medically unfit persons, not included in the study object.

Related instructions

1, the applicants submit all information and material shall be true, accurate, and effective. Where the provision of false information and material acquisition candidates qualifications, or intentionally concealing himself the real situation, once verified, i.e., to cancel the recruitment qualifications. The forged, altered the relevant documents, materials, information, cheat candidates qualifications or malicious registration, according to the Zhejiang province personnel examination test-taking personnel disciplinary violations processing regulations of the relevant provisions to be addressed.

2, the proposed hiring of personnel must be within the specified time of check-in. Overdue is not to report, or within a specified time with my school consultation, unable to check-in personnel transfer procedures, the school reserves the right to not retained hiring qualifications.

3, the introduction of the plan year effective.

The introduction of talent registration form-Zhejiang Guangsha construction vocational and Technical College

High-level talents introduction of categories and conditions-Zhejiang building construction vocational and technical head of school

Candidates registration form-Zhejiang Guangsha construction vocational and Technical College

Candidates should submit application materials required-Zhejiang Guangsha construction vocational and Technical College

Job Features

Job Category

All subject areas

Academic requirements

Master and above

Number of vacancies


Age requirement

No limit

Apply Online


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