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In order to further strengthen the construction of high-quality professional cadres, broaden the source channels of cadres and talents, optimize the structure of cadres and talents, according to Zhenjiang Municipal Party Committee Organization Department, Municipal Party Committee Editorial Office, Municipal Finance Bureau, Municipal Human Resources Bureau "Notice on the issuance of " (Zhen Group Tong [2021] No. 37), Yangzhong City Talent Work Leading Group "on the issuance of (Yang talent [2021] No. 1), combined with the city's talent work and work needs, Yangzhong City, Jiangsu Province for some universities in 2023 fresh graduates to introduce 20 young talent Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

First, the introduction of the object

The National“Double First-Class”construction of colleges and universities(42 the top universities in the construction of the College or 95, the first-class discipline Construction University)recent graduates. 2022 QS World University Rankings mono top 200 universities in recent graduates. A resident of the town colleges and universities of Jiangsu University, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology recent graduates. Other non - “double first-class”construction of universities, 2022 QS World University Ranking of the 200 people other than foreign universities graduating master's and doctoral graduates.

Degree or above degree requirements are full-time, excluding Commission, training, orientation, designed to allow the present and the independent College graduates.

Second, the introduction of conditions

1. Having people's Republic of China nationality, and no foreign permanent residency, long-term residence permit, residence registration No Limit;

2. To comply with the PRC Constitution and laws, to embrace the Chinese Communist Party leadership and the socialist system;

3. Law-abiding, of good character, and not subject to any criminal, party discipline, the rules for government staff, school discipline sanctions. Obey the tissue distribution, voluntarily engaged in the distribution of jobs, with the normal duties of the physical condition.

4. Undergraduate students aged 18 years old and above 25 years of age in 1996, the 12-month period from 1 May 2004, 11 month 30 date of birth, and graduate students age relaxation to 30 years old, PhD student age relaxation to 35 years of age, age calculation method is the same;

5. Have the required professional or skills conditions, recent graduate of the College and professional meets the announcement and the post list of requirements;

6. Domestic College graduates required for the 2023 graduating and in 2023 12 months to 31 days before to obtain the corresponding Qualifications(Degree)Certificate, foreign University graduates are required to 2023 graduation and in 2023 12 months to 31 days before to obtain the corresponding Qualifications(Degree Certificate and complete a Ministry of Education Study Abroad Service Center education certification;

7. Specifically the introduction of the post, number of people and the requirements of academic, professional and other qualifications as detailed in the 2023, Jiangsu, Yangzhong city business units introduce young talents post a table of the reference 1, hereinafter referred to as the post table which, according to the categories identified professional positions, please refer to the Jiangsu province 2023 annual examination for civil servants professional reference catalogue for verification purposes.

8. To obtain the mainland College-educated Taiwanese students and made the mainland recognition of academic qualifications other Taiwan residents recruited by national and Jiangsu province, the relevant provisions.

9. Implement avoidance system, candidates may not apply for employment after that constitute avoidance relationship the post.

Active duty military, National Education sequence of ordinary colleges and universities in the read non-graduates, as well as the national and provincial otherwise provided shall not apply to the business units for staff positions, not candidates. With the business unit head of the member of a marital relationship, a direct blood relationship, the third generation within the collateral relatives by blood relationship or nearly in-law relationships of kinship, shall not apply for the business unit organization, personnel, and Discipline Inspection and supervision, auditing, financial positions; and the existing in-service personnel to the presence of the relationship, and shall not apply to the gang after formed directly on the lower level of the Leadership Relationship Management class post, as well as national and Jiangsu province otherwise provides, shall not be employed in the other case officers.

Third, apply for registration, exam

The introduction of talent in the introduction of the plan, the implementation of a Bulletin, multiple registration of the approach is carried out. For my city job demand characteristics, arrange to have representation, in my city of industry characteristics of colleges and universities to carry out the registration work, in particular the registration activities will be in the announcement, the website also publish the registration notification.

A registration

1. Application materials

 ⑴ Period of the validity of himself, the second generation ID card, registration and exam use the ID must be the same.

 ⑵ Apply for the posts required for the degree, degree certificate and related documents. 2023 domestic graduates the graduates of the recommended table of 2023 foreign graduates to provide notification of admission and the courses directory and other materials. Obtain foreign academic degree of the personnel, in addition to the enrollment eligibility requirements of the material, but also need to provide the Ministry of Education study abroad returnees qualification certification and the courses directory.

 ⑶ Graduate degree candidates must also provide their undergraduate and above Education stage has been made of the graduation certificate and degree certificate.

 ⑷ In school during the full course transcript(to be stamped with the school academic Affairs Department Chapter).

 Her during the school served as student leaders, a variety of honors, all kinds of rewards certificates, published papers and internship experience and other supporting materials.

 Lady of the 2023 Jiangsu, Yangzhong city business units introduce young talents form of Attachment 2, the following referred to as the application form is 1 and the recent bareheaded with the bottom two inch photos 2 photos.

More material will serve as a comprehensive quality evaluation based primarily on, please candidates prepare carefully, and provide the original and a copy of each one. Application materials is required with the registration form information into the content is the same, returned overseas students of foreign language materials to be translated into Chinese version, the foreign language control version while the upload. Where the trickery of a verified, i.e., to cancel the recruitment or hiring qualifications.

2. Online applicants must download and fill out the registration form, the registration material the original is converted or scanned into PDF format, and the application form together to send e-mail to the unit registration email naming rules: post code+××University+name+phone number, and business hours within contact confirmation, check-forecast Nade continued. Registration mailbox is: application@techtalentsuk.com, the 抄送一份至jsyzrcb@163.com, the

Online registration must be on-site registration on the day at 5:00 p.m. prior to the on-site registration location submit the relevant materials, concrete materials with on-site registration for the qualification audit. Eligibility does not pass through or within the specified time not participate in the qualification of candidates, will cancel the follow-up evaluation and interview eligibility.

3. The talent of introducing each of the post-test ratio is 1:3, such as has not reached the start of the examination ratio, the reduction or cancellation of the post. Candidates per person and are limited to a post.

(二)comprehensive quality evaluation

Through the enrollment qualifications of the trial staff for the comprehensive quality evaluation, the evaluation is mainly for the candidates at the school of learning and representation, reward situation and professionalism, etc. for a comprehensive analysis of the judge. According to the introduction of the planned number 1:3 ratio, comprehensive quality evaluation scores from high to low in the order, determined to enter the interview list, the last one with the same score then also entered, comprehensive quality evaluation scores are not counted in the total results. The first instance of Qualified Persons with the introduction of the planned strength ratio equal to 1:3 Positions, direct access to the interview part.

Comprehensive quality evaluation of the shortlisted candidates will be in Yangzhong city people's government website.

Part three of the interview

The interview method is a structured interview or a structured panel interview, interviewing for a job entrusted to a third-party Agency specific organization and implementation.

Interview specific time and location of the telephone or SMS notification to all participating candidates, make the candidates be sure to keep communication open.

Interview results qualified the line for 60 minutes, scores will be in Yangzhong city people's government website, the candidates with the relevant ID number query. Interview results not reach the qualified line will not be hired.

Candidates participating in the registration and interview are required to apply for and update the health code and the stroke of the code, the day of the exam for the green code and the field measurement of the body temperature below 37. 3℃, and no cough or other abnormal symptoms, the party can enter the exam site. All candidates take the exam must provide a valid 48 hours nucleic acid detection of negative reports. Candidates are required to actively cooperate with the staff to conduct on-site temperature measurement and other epidemic prevention detection, the whole wearing medical masks or no breathing valve N95 masks, do a good personal protection. Not according to the epidemic prevention and control requirements, resulting in the inability to participate in registration and examination by the candidate himself to take responsibility.

Fourth, physical examination and investigation

In the interview score passing score within the personnel, according to the Post talent introduction plan for a 1:1 ratio from high to low is determined to enter the medical examination, study candidates. As the jobs number last appeared score the same points, the test to determine the ranking. Examination, inspection of the work with reference to the normal civil service recruitment examination and study of standards of conduct. Due to a medical examination, inspection of unqualified and waivers and other reasons appear vacancies, by the Communist Party, Yangzhong city Committee Organization Department based on the actual situation of the study to decide whether to continue it. As succession, in this post scores of qualified personnel, according to the interview results from high to low in order to fill vacancies, hiring an approval or registration is no longer replaced.

Five, hiring procedures

Examination, inspection qualified personnel, the review in Yangzhong city people's government website publicity. Publicity expired without objection, according to prescribed procedures and announcements in the post class check-in staff hiring procedures without the employment of graduates of the trainee after the expiration of the hire to the appropriate level, is hiring candidates with the original unit to sign the labor contract or employment agreement, by the candidate himself responsible for the processing. The following conditions cancel the hiring qualifications:

1. Hiring the list published after failing time to check in and go through the hiring procedures; and

2. 2023 graduates in 2023 12 by 31 may not obtain post the requirements of the degree, diploma, or unfinished Ministry of Education Study Abroad Service Center education certification.

The proposed hiring of personnel and units of the conclusion of 5 years or more trial)contract of employment, except in accordance with the law under random lifting of the employment contract, it should be in units of the minimum service of 5 years probation on. The proposed hiring of Personnel signed onboarding commitment to the book, enjoy the talent subsidies.

Sixth, other

Institutions open recruitment work, adhere to the“open, equitable, competitive, merit-based”principle, to accept the Discipline Inspection and supervision Department and public oversight.

2023, Jiangsu, Yangzhong city business units introduce young talents positions table

2023, Jiangsu, Yangzhong city business units introduce young talents entry form

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