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Fujian, Beijing, Shanghai
Posted 1 year ago

Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988 years and 8 months, the total row is located in Fuzhou City, Fujian province, is approved by the State Council, the people's Bank of China approved the establishment of the first Joint-Stock Commercial Bank, is one of China's first equator Bank, 2007 2 November 5 in Shanghai stock market. Generale post-doctoral workstation 2010 established cooperation postdoctoral research station of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Financial Institute. Workstation since its establishment, always adhere to the“forward-looking research to create value for a row within a culture of high-end business talent,”the function of positioning, using the research and business practice in close conjunction with the training mode, and promote financial development of cutting-edge research with the Bank-run development of the benign interaction to promote, research results and banking practice efficient fusion. Now according to the needs of work undertaken by 2023 postdoctoral recruitment job.

Enrolment conditions

  1. Excellent, good health, no bad records, can be full-time engaged in post-doctoral research

  2. In recent years, both at home and abroad to get his doctorate, or will be in 2023 7 on graduating PhD students, aged 35 years old or less, get a doctorate is generally not more than 3 years, with Economics, Finance, Management, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Computer, law and other related professional background, have financial experience preferred.

Research topics

1. ESG management system digital implementation path with the investment and financing policy study-Fuzhou

2. Under the new situation of Commercial Bank Asset-Liability Management Study-Fuzhou

3. Under the new situation of commercial banks incentive and constraint mechanism research-Fuzhou

4. Digital transformation under the background of a commercial Bank organized system of research-Fuzhou

5. Financial institutions equity structure optimization mode research-Fuzhou

6. Commercial Bank product innovation and Management System Research-Fuzhou

7. Commercial banks process management performance evaluation system construction and use of research-Fuzhou

8. Privacy calculated in Inclusive Finance in the field of Applied Research-Fuzhou

9. Science and technology in the financial service system construction and service model to study in Beijing.

10. Commercial banks medical industry digital transformation strategy and the path to study in Beijing.

11. Digital supply chain and intelligent risk control model to study in Beijing.

12. Commercial Bank International Development Strategy and overseas institutions Management Policy Research, Beijing

13. Wealth management digital operator business model Research, Shanghai

14. The wealth planning law, tax issues and Solutions Research, Shanghai

15.“ Commercial+investment banking”business model and Digital Transformation Research, Beijing

16. New energy air under the car in installments digital transformation to accelerate cash flow strategy research of Shanghai

17. Commercial Bank FICC sales and trading modes: study, Shanghai

18. The Basel III standards for commercial banks under the market risk capital allocation and Management Research, Shanghai

19. Commercial Bank financial risks of digital, intelligent control study in Shanghai

20. Factor investment model of financial markets broad categories of asset allocation and portfolio construction of the optimization studies, Shanghai

21. Satellite-based Remote Sensing Technology Building observation research-Fuzhou

22. Commercial banks data asset value assessment system and the trading mechanism study of Shanghai

23. Service Trust the underlying asset and Configuration Management Research, Shanghai

24. Pension Trust innovative research in Shanghai

25. Nucleic acid drug industry spectrum, clinical progress and the market prospect Research, Shanghai

26. Ageing of the population under the economic and financial structure of the trends research, Shanghai

27. Bankruptcy law practice with the benefit of creditors maintenance study in Shanghai

28. Climate Economics theory development, model building and application, Shanghai/Beijing

29. RMB international financial centre-building and International Studies, Shanghai

Application requirements and contact details

1. registration using the online web application and mail delivery combined way.

Please candidates in 2023 years 2 months 6 days ago sign in Generale recruitment website or“the Bank job”WeChat public number,according to the requirements of the registration, fill in the resume. At the same time prepare the following materials 发送至电子邮箱application@techtalentsuk.com it.

(1)postdoctoral application form in Annex; and

(2)the Application Research Plan Books 3000—5000 words per person up to an optional message two issues, the selected message two topics must provide two copies of the research proposal; and

(3)Dr. postgraduate diploma and degree certificate copy, or will be in 2023 7 on graduation evidence by the final year students of the school where issued; and

(4)similar disciplines two doctoral supervisor letter of recommendation; and

(5)Ph. D. thesis, two academic studies made by the representative; and

(6)ID card or passport copy.

2, the application materials of First Instance of qualified persons will participate in the pen interview. Exam time notice.

Contact email: application@techtalentsuk.com please indicate the applied post-doctoral words)

Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. postdoctoral application form

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