Annual salary of 40 million and up: artificial intelligence and the digital economy Guangdong laboratory careers

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Laboratory and team introduction

Artificial intelligence and the digital economy Guangdong laboratory(Shenzhen)(hereinafter referred to as the light of the laboratory of the provincial government approved the construction of the third batch of Guangdong province, one of the laboratories, the municipal government approved the establishment of business units. Laboratory for artificial intelligence and the digital economy's major strategic needs, by the Guangdong Provincial Government Integrated Planning and top-level design, the Shenzhen government-led construction, operation and management. Shenzhen University as a bright lab-led the construction of the unit. The laboratory has adequate self-management of permissions, with relatively independent of the personnel rights, financial rights, as well as in strategic planning, research direction, the academic field of construction, and the outcome of treatment and other aspects of autonomy, the establishment of a scientific, transparent, and efficient human, financial, material relatively independent flexible management mechanism. Around blockchain and financial technology, intelligent sensing and precision medicine, machine learning and intelligent systems, ubiquitous sensing and smart city four directions of the research.

Deep space deep to the areas to Li Qingquan academician and less yellow Peng Professor for the academic leader of the people, for the relevant areas of Science and technology world cutting-edge, dedicated deep space with deep cross-disciplinary areas of Science and technology innovation, serving the national strategic needs and regional socio-economic development goals, the current in the on group detection and deep in the geothermal field of multiple projects has started, and showed a good momentum of development, we sincerely invite domestic and overseas talents to join us.

Jobs and recruitment requirements

A full-time researcher/research associate/adjunct associate Professor posts

  • Job responsibilities

1. Around the following one or more directions of Science and technology issues in the conduct of scientific research and technology development:

(1)the Earth's climate change on the base of observation and research;

(2)the lunar/Martian resources detection;

(3)the moon in situ solar energy storage and utilization;

(4)the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area geothermal resource exploration and development;

(5)geothermal+carbon neutral campus demonstration project; and

(6)deep space deep to probe studies experimental platform building;

2. Actively participate in Team Academic Exchange, daily management and laboratory of public services;

3. Actively apply for national, provincial and municipal scientific research projects;

4. Assist in the completion of the team to arrange other work.

  • Job requirements

1. With geothermal science, geophysical, geochemical, artificial intelligence, energy and power, Materials Science and Engineering, Electronic Information Engineering, Optical Engineering, remote sensing and geographic information systems, software engineering and other professional background, has the Earth and the deep space detection of inter-disciplinary field of research background preferred, nearly 5 years achieved a high level of academic results;

2. Achieve country, territory)inside and outside high-level universities or research doctorate, have a good academic ethics and rigorous scientific attitude, strong research capacity, innovation, teamwork, and development potential;

3. Application researcher is generally not more than 45 years of age, in top academic journals have published influential research papers; research associate, generally not more than 40 years, has published numerous articles in high-level research papers;

4. Application Research Fellow, Associate Research Fellow positions generally should be the auspices of the national research project experience, or have senior professional and technical qualifications and has considerable work experience.

  • Full-time research post treatment

1. Senior researcher at the annual salary of 70 million, a researcher at the annual salary of 60 million, the Deputy researcher at the annual salary of 50 million, the distinguished research associate salary of 40 million, and enjoy a laboratory of Social Security, Provident Fund, paid annual leave and other related benefits, the specific salary according to qualifications, research experience, research capabilities, etc. to determine;

2. Assist in the application of Shenzhen new introduction, Dr. talents living subsidy of 10 million yuan;

3. May participate in the selection Shenzhen high-level talents, identified after an extra year 24 million-60 million talent reward subsidies;

4. Selected for the national talent, Guangdong province leading talent and above, priority hired as associate Professor and above positions; and

5. Where full-time employment and has a Ph. D. Researchers are eligible to apply as a lab graduate student mentor.

Two post-doctoral positions

  • Job responsibilities and requirements

Meet the team research direction, within 3 years to obtain domestic and Foreign well-known universities doctorate, or has obtained the PhD defense Committee resolution adopted, age at 35 years of age, has the good team cooperation ability.

  • Post-doctoral post-treatment

1. Peer-leading level of unit wages, comprehensive annual salary of 45 million including Shenzhen, a postdoctoral fellow in the station of life of subsidies; and

2. Eligible to be declared National“the new plan”is a two-year 60 million, and international exchange programs the introduction of the project for two years and 40 million, the doctoral Fund of the station the former special financing(18 million, the Guangdong overseas youth postdoctoral introduction of items in the station 60 million, the station left the Guangdong-subsidized housing 40 million and Total Amount 100 million in.

3. In the station during the as a post-doctoral engaged in scientific research to provide an excellent work environment and international exchange opportunities for cooperation, in accordance with the relevant provisions apply to national, provincial and municipal all kinds of scientific research projects, etc.

4. Postdoctoral out of the station according to the work ability and individual wishes can be preferentially hired as the team of researchers.


1. Health guarantee: enjoy the National provisions of all kinds of holidays, paid annual leave, the annual Organization of the employees of the medical examination.

2. Basic security: five insurance payments, according to the Shenzhen payment ratio of the upper limit of payment of social insurance and housing provident Fund.

3. Cultural Organization: laboratory regularly organizes domestic and Foreign well-known experts academic salon, team building activities, and provide regular holiday benefits; at the same time by means of city, school library, a digital resource platform for laboratory personnel to provide the content covers of electronic books, journals, audio and video, academic papers, design tutorials, art appreciation, boutique lectures and other aspects of digital resources and online services.

4. Work environment: office space spacious and bright, open view, the configuration is complete.

5. Supporting guarantee: on the basis of policies to assist in Shenzhen settled, talent room with rent and other life support issues.

Apply mode

1. Application materials

(1)Apply for information please indicate the candidates in the field, job title, and reason; and

(2)personal resume;

(3)research and teaching, if applicable plan;

(4)not less than 3 recommended expert containing at least 1 bit of the applicant's degree from the mentor's contact information;

(5)the third Vol. of a representative of the results of the scanning device.

2. Contact information

Interested and conditions meet the candidates please send the above materials to form a PDF document sent to the mailbox:

Job Features

Job Category


Academic requirements


Number of vacancies

No limit

Age requirement

45 years old and below

Apply Online


A valid phone number is required.
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