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Zhejiang University of Computer Science and Technology College of Xu Wei Wei, Professor of the research group is engaged in large scenes efficient reconstruction, rendering and physical simulation of the direction of research, to create for CAD, digital twins and other industrial infrastructure software key technologies. After a long research, has formed the academic and industrial community are influential research results. Due to the research work, is now facing at home and abroad is looking for a postdoctoral 3-5.

Research direction

  1. Large-scale scenes to quickly build and render.


(1)neural network rendering with real-time global illumination combined with the scene rendering algorithm;

(2)based on differentiable rendering the high-quality scenes to build;

(3)the big scene of the cloud combined with rendering techniques and platform software.

  1. Large-scale scene of an efficient physical simulation.


1. the study of efficient collision detection and constraint solving, the mass matrix of the parallel and distributed solve;

(2)combination of physical laws and neural network technology, the study of neural network-based physical material characterization and simulation acceleration.

Cooperation tutor

Xu Wei Wei, Zhejiang University of CAD&CG State Key Laboratory of long distinguished Professor, doctoral supervisor, the national high-level talents, China Image Graphics learn smart graphics Committee Secretary-General. Former Japan Ritsumeikan University postdoctoral fellow, Microsoft Research Asia Network graphics set of fellows, Zhejiang Qianjiang scholar Professor. The main direction of research to computer graphics, digital twins and virtual reality. In the domestic and foreign high-level academic conferences and journals published more than 100 papers, in which ACM Transactions on Graphics, IEEE TVCG, IEEE CVPR, the NIPS, etc. CCF-A class of more than 50 papers. China and the United States patents 18. In 2014 supported by the National Natural Science Fund for Outstanding Youth Fund, chaired by the National Natural Science Foundation of China key project one, won the Zhejiang province Natural Science second prize of one. The development of three-dimensional scene reconstruction and rendering techniques applied to Huawei River map, Baidu Apollo Autonomous driving, Hangzhou first Pro three-dimensional technology high-precision scanner and Shenzhen desired dust technology, the company's products.

Recruitment conditions

1, age at 35 years of age, the physical and mental health, Overseas Elite priorities;

2, strictly abide by the academic code of ethics; local research group related to the field of scientific research with keen interest, have good scientific literacy; and

3, have good independent research and code implementation capacity;

4, good English for science and technology writing and expression ability;

5, the nearly 5 years in the international high-level journals have Published 2 articles in the above academic papers, relevant research experience is preferred.

Job responsibilities

1, conduct research, and assist in mentoring graduate and undergraduate students; and

2, the publication of high level research papers; in our group and to support the active application and undertake the domestic and foreign scientific research projects;

3, according to the Zhejiang University and the school of Computer Science postdoctoral management work provisions of the completion of the corresponding assessment.

Associated treatment

1, in addition to enjoy school basic pay than the other according to the performance of work to give extra incentive grant, the total annual income of 30-40 million yuan;

2, personnel relations into the Zhejiang University and after, in the station full time 2 years post-doctoral staff, you can declare Zhejiang University of professional positions qualifications of Zhejiang University-related provisions, in particular the excellent out of the station can be recommended to apply to a school faculty positions; and

3, the school paid to provide post-doctoral apartments offer price of the lease; and

4, the research group to provide a good international academic exchange opportunities with the research environment and plenty of GPU computing resources.

Contact information

Interested candidates please send the following information sent to the mailbox:, the 抄送至, the please in the subject“postdoc application+name”, in line with the conditions of the laboratory as soon as the interview, merit-based hiring.

1, personal resume, educational experience, work experience, published papers, awards, etc., the PDF format;

2, a brief description of the main research method, research results and engaged work after the vision and objectives;

3, the representative papers of the original 1-2 articles.

Contact: Xu Wei Wei, HOU Shuai Ying

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Age requirement

35 years old and below

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