2022 Jiaxing Vocational Technical College public the recruitment of high-level shortage of talent

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Unit introduction

Jiaxing Vocational Technical College is Jiaxing people's government held a public vocational colleges, Zhejiang province exemplary vocational colleges, provincial vocational high level of professional group of Class A construction unit, provincial civilized Unit, Ministry of Education Vocational High hand only cultivation level assessment excellent schools, the Ministry of education of the modern apprenticeship pilot schools, education authorities“do not forget the initial heart, keep in mind the mission”theme Education base, the National Vocational Secretary of the party Committee of the Forum, Director of the Committee of the Red Boat spirit of the study base.

School existing aviation and rail Academy, intelligent manufacturing colleges, Internet College, Cyberspace Security College, Modern College of agriculture, urban construction College, culture and tourism, the school, the modern business College, Fashion Institute of design, sea salt Academy 10 full-time Secondary College, while built with the Institute of International Education, Entrepreneurship College, Continuing Education, the rural revitalization of the College, The Open College of Education Community College of Education, old age Faculty of education, the Marxist School of Jiaxing red boat Spirit Education Practice Center, the Basic Education Department and other teaching units.

Job description

Recruitment conditions:

Research direction:

1. Functional fabric, digital textile, knitwear, leather, clothing design, modern textile cutting-edge technology, etc.

2. Boca research or are high title

Application process

This open recruitment implementation of an open, equitable, competitive, merit principle, adhere to the ability and integrity of personnel standards, and take the registration, qualification, assessment(examinations, physical examination, investigation, publicity, recruitment and other procedures.

A. registration and qualification of First Instance

1. Registration time: high-level personnel positions year-round enrollment. The shortage of talent teaching staff post registration since the announcement of the date of publication to 2022 years 11 months 30 days. Since the announcement of the date of publication, the school according to the registration situation, timely Organization of the exam, until trick full.

2. Registration: use the online registration form per person and are limited to a post. Candidates can access Jiaxing Vocational Technical College recruiting system, and upload the registration material.

3. Application materials required: online account registration fill out the personal information, email, phone number, etc. please ensure accuracy, while by Category required to upload the following electronic version of a single file control in the 50M, with the“name+certificate name+reporting post”name. The submission of the authenticity, accuracy, integrity, by himself responsible for, the material is not all-who are non-audited. 并将所交材料抄送一份至application@techtalentsuk.com it.

(1)undergraduate and graduate academic degree; the students also are required to provide the Ministry of Education, China Education Service Center issued abroad overseas education degree certification, academic transcripts and English translation member;

(2)the professional and technical qualifications;

(3)personally identification cards;

(4)according to the recruitment requirements of the required work experience, Party material proof;

(5)the personal and professional abilities and academic achievements proof material.

4. Qualification of first instance: the school according to the recruitment conditions required of candidates for eligibility for the trial, and the trial results to inform candidates. Recruitment of the required professional requirements with reference to the Ministry of education professional directory is set, the corresponding recruits learn the professional name of inconsistency, by the school according to the school of professional direction of the audit determined.

Apply for staff in response to personally submit the information and materials responsible for the authenticity of, where the provision of false information through the eligibility criteria of the review, and once verified, the cancellation of the corresponding qualifications.

Second, the eligibility review and assessment(test)

1. Eligibility review: the school will be organized candidates for eligibility review(the specific time and organizational form of the new Crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control decide the case, the eligibility criteria does not meet the requirements of the person, cancel the registration eligibility.

2. The high-level personnel positions to take the”one person, one meeting”of the way through the interview and try to speak, defense, and other forms, the candidates of the idea of performance, morality literacy, research skills, teaching skills, educational background, work experience, potential for development, and physical health comprehensive assessment.

3. The shortage of talent teaching staff post to take the written test, interview, try to speak or skills to the test combination of exams. Qualification of First Instance after the end, the school will specifically test time, the test programme published in Jiaxing Vocational Technical College portal.

1. the written test. Written in the form of a closed volume, the main examination and recruitment job-related professional knowledge and comprehensive ability, the written test scores out of 100 points. The same post eligible candidates exceeds the planned recruitment of 6 times, the first Organization of the written test. Written after the end of the will be based on Written test scores from high to low, according to job recruitment plan 1: 6 to determine the proportion of entering the interview, try to speak or skills to the Test list, the written test scores are not included in the overall score calculation. If the same post eligible candidates the number does not exceed the planned recruitment of 6 times, you do not need to be written directly into the interview and try to speak or skills to the test session.

(2)the interview. The interview is mainly to examine professional ethics, communication skills, analytical and problem-solving ability, verbal ability, etc. The written test of jobs, such as the interview of the object at a predetermined time before the explicit waiver to participate in the interview, according to the post written test scores from high to low in turn replaced. Interview score out of 100 points, qualified divided into 60 Minutes, Unqualified is not included in the physical examination, the study object.

(3)Bandstand or skills to the test. Try speaking mainly to examine the teaching of basic skills, professional competence, teaching skills; skills test Main examination candidates to post the required professional skills to operate it. Bandstand(skills to the test content will before the test mailbox notification to the appropriate candidates. Try to speak or skills test scores out of 100 points, qualifying is divided into 60 Minutes, Unqualified is not included in the physical examination, the study object.

(4)the test the total score is calculated as follows: exam total score=interview score 50%+try to speak or skills to the test scores of 50% of the test speaking skills to the test are examined in the post, the results of each accounting for 25 per cent.

Third, the medical examination

According to the test the total score, according to the job recruitment from high to low 1:1 ratio to determine the physical examination object. Medical examination with reference to the civil service recruitment examination Common Criteria(trial) of and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Executive,examination qualified persons identified as the study object. Candidates without the required time and place to participate in a medical examination, as to abandon medical qualifications. Candidates in the examination session appears to give up or fail by the school decided to study whether the arrangements for the personnel replaced.

Fourth, the study

The study by Jiaxing Vocational Technical College of the composition of the study group, with reference to civil servants hired to examine the work carried out. Mainly on the examination of qualified personnel for the eligibility criteria of the review and Germany, ability, diligence, performance, cost and other comprehensive inspect, examine the unqualified will not be hired. Candidates in the study of the links appear to abandon or fail by the school decided to study whether the arrangements for the personnel replaced.

Examination, inspection prior to the implementation of national, provincial introduction of the new regulations, according to the new regulations.

Five, publicity

According to examination, study results, etc., to determine the proposed hiring personnel list, and in Jiaxing Vocational Technical College portal publicity 7 working days. Public expires, the proposed hiring of personnel without objection or to reflect the problematic verified does not affect the hiring, according to the provisions handled the hiring process. Candidates in the publicity links appear abandoned by the school decided to study whether the arrangements for the personnel replaced.

Six, hiring

The proposed hiring of personnel without a legitimate reason not within the specified time to check in, cancel the hiring qualifications. Full-time College graduates by graduates of the registration procedure, not a predetermined time to obtain recruitment required education, diploma(abroad, overseas education, degree certificate, and cancel the employment eligibility. Social workers employ the check-in registration must be in the original units of the lifting of labour(hire)contracts. Candidates in the hiring chain appears to give up, by the school decided to study whether the arrangements for the personnel replaced.

The hiring of personnel included in the career preparation reported to the posts of management, the school signed a business unit of a contract of employment, and according to the provisions of the agreed trial period. Probation after, the qualified person, to be officially employed; the assessment of the unqualified, to cancel the hire.

Recruits enjoy the provisions of the state public institution staff related to salary and benefits, high-level talent introduction treatment negotiable.

Non-counselor positions of teaching staff is recruited into the school after the student Counsellor Post Workout 1-2 years, in particular by the school according to the talent training and professional development needs of sub-annual to make arrangements.


Annex 1 Jiaxing Vocational Technical College 2022 disclosed to recruit high-level talent programs table, the third instalment)

Annex 2 Jiaxing Vocational Technical College of the 2022 open recruitment shortage of talent teaching staff schedule of the third batch)

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