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Tianjin University Shaoxing, Zhejiang Research Institute in 2019 10 months by Shaoxing Municipal Government and Tianjin University subscription landing, Zhejiang province and Tianjin provincial school strategic cooperation of the important components, 2020 7 on completion of the independent business units legal entity registered 11 months approved, Zhejiang province, the new R & D institutions, 2021 4 on the establishment of provincial postdoctoral station. Institute of relying on the Tianjin University of chemical disciplines advantage, the focus of polymer materials, synthetic biology, bio-pharmaceutical, fine chemicals, process intensification, chemical safety areas such as research and development work, the formation of chemical smart synthesis and a safe, microbial synthetic biology, high-purity chemical separation works in three directions of the platform, it has been settled academician, Changjiang Scholars and other 15 bits of the talent team. The Institute of“First-Class mechanism, first-class talents, first-class results, the best yield”for the construction of the target, the support Shaoxing innovation in the technology industry and economic development.

Job description

Work content

1. The synthesis of small molecules acrylic acid type monomer or polymer;or ethoxylated graft(PEGylation,ethylene oxide-based); or macromolecular coupling(polysaccharide/protein/polypeptide/nucleic acid)

2. Proficient in NMR, LC-MS, GC-MS, ICP-MS, FT-IR, SEC, HPLC and other analytical characterization methods(at least one)

3. The synthesis process development(continuous and semi-continuous)

4. Software simulation of the synthesis process

5. In the research group support, to be able to carry out independent research work

Dr. You has any two items and above skills

Job requirements

1. Dr. graduated from the organic, polymer, pharmaceuticals, chemical engineering and technology and other related professionals.

2. Proficient in organic synthesis or polymer synthesis or reaction engineering/polymerization reaction engineering and process development. A light-curing, coatings, adhesives industry experience or bio-pharmaceutical industry experience is preferred. No work experience is limited, welcome fresh graduates/previous students.

3. Having a patent application experience is preferred.

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All the application information and data will be protected under GDPR


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