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Wuzhen laboratory by Tongxiang municipal government, Tsinghua University, Materials Science Institute, Zhejiang Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute jointly initiated the establishment, the focus of cutting-edge material direction, Tongxiang the first batch of Zhejiang province, the new R & D institutions, with an area more garden layout building to cover the city's research and innovation system, and promote Tongxiang cutting-edge materials industry chain extension, the traditional advantage industry transformation and upgrading, high-level talent introduction and local industry talent cultivation, forming a hundred-billion-level cluster, create a“fourteen-five”period Tongxiang high-quality development with global reach of the benchmark innovation platform.

Job description

A, center description:

Advanced functional ceramic materials research team based on high-performance lead-free piezoelectric ceramic materials and components of the research, the development of the potassium niobate sodium-based lead-free piezoelectric ceramic of the performance of its kind in the world of research are in the forefront, part of the results has entered the industrial stage. Research based on the existing research results, the lead-free piezoelectric ceramic R & D and device design,“neck”problem for centralized research, committed to the development of a series with independent intellectual property rights of environment-friendly smart piezoelectric materials and lead-free piezoelectric device, pushing the lead-free piezoelectric materials in the aerospace, marine equipment, automotive electronics, medical health, smart home, energy and the environment and many other areas of application, thus breaking the monopoly of foreign technology, to fill the domestic in the piezoelectric device lead-free field blank is formed to lead the country and the global sign industry of results.

Second, the research direction: multi-layer lead-free piezoelectric ceramic member, lead-free piezoelectric thin-film, low-carbon cross-technology, a flexible piezoelectric ceramic composites

Third, the job responsibilities:

1. According to the Ukrainian town of laboratory overall development objectives, conducting ceramic materials in the field of cutting-edge research, and made more prominent innovative work, actively seek national and provincial scientific research projects and issues;

2. Attention to personnel training and introduction,assist in the completion of scientific and technological innovation team construction work;

3. According to the research needs, guiding young researchers of the research work;

4. Undertake research tasks, and in which play an innovative role.

Fourth, the requirements:

1. Materials Science, Physics, Applied Physics, Microelectronics, piezoelectric, precision instruments, sensors and other related professional background, a ceramic material, a sensor research experience is preferred.

2. Having a PhD in a relevant 3 year and above, study or work experience is preferred.

3. In the present disciplines to emerge, with strong research capability and large development potential.

4. There is a strong independent scientific research ability and good team work spirit.

V. application materials

1. Personal resume; 2. Personal introduction that includes study, work and research experience or research summaries, etc.

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