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Job description

Zhejiang Huzhou Institute—research backbone: the

【Job type】

Researcher, Associate Researcher, assistant researcher, post-doctoral


Industrial big data, industrial detection technologies, fault diagnosis; power system data analysis; scientific instruments; artificial intelligence education; gas turbine; the motor with the power, chemical process design and improvement; and the equipment; medical robots and the like.

【Responsibilities type】

(1)alignment type: with research leaders in the conduct of scientific research with the results of the conversion work.

(2)non-directional type: Auto-Group team to undertake the research and industrialization of work to industrialization as the main objective, non-directional research backbone required to achieve the research fellow or research associate standards.


(1)Distinguished Research Fellow and associate researcher generally has a doctorate degree, or graduate degree or above and have senior professional titles; assistant researcher generally has a graduate degree or above; at home and abroad well-known high-tech enterprises served as technical lead of the above conditions can be appropriately relaxed.

(2)there is a strong technology research and development ability, could be undertaken, achievements, particularly the industrialization of work.

(3)the research backbone generally required onboarding Institute, full-time at the Institute's work; for flexible high-level talents scientific research backbone of the identity in the Institute, the need in the Institute of floor-to-ceiling industrial company and the company's effective operations.

Company profile


Zhejiang Huzhou Institute is composed of Zhejiang University and Huzhou city people's government to build the“business unit”, is the Zhejiang University endemic to new R & D institutions. Huzhou is in the Yangtze River Delta Center City, G60 kechuang corridor center of the city, and Hangzhou, Jiaxing adjacent, with the Suzhou, Wuxi share Tai Hu.


The Institute focused around the“Smart Healthcare”, a“new generation of information technology”,“advanced electronic technologies”,“smart networking”and“industry, intelligent automation”and other areas of innovation and R & D, exploring the culture of high-end talent in new ways, the culture of top-notch innovative talents, nurturing emerging technology companies.


· With the domestic and international sophisticated“big cow”with

· Competitive salary level, the strength is Supreme

· Young team atmosphere

Job Features

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Academic requirements

Master and above

Number of vacancies

No limit

Age requirement

No limit

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