Annual salary 25-60 million! Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, distinguished young researcher

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Job description

Recruiting majors: chemistry in Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, inorganic chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry and physics, and materials science and Engineering, Materials Science, Materials Processing Engineering, Polymer Materials and Engineering, Materials Physics and chemistry, etc, Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Simulation, chemical engineering and technology, industrial catalysis, etc., medicinal chemistry, natural product chemistry, pharmacology, Chemical Ecology, biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, food science and engineering, environmental engineering, Mineralogy, optical and other related professionals

Job title: distinguished young researcher/assistant research fellow/Special Research Assistant/post-doctoral

Work location: Lanzhou, Qingdao, Suzhou, etc according to the actual condition selection

Apply basic conditions: to see the talent requirements planning tables

1. Have the jobs required of academic, professional and skill conditions.

2. The style correct, scientifically rigorous, dedication, has the team cooperation spirit.

3. Already in the relevant field of domestic and international core journals published articles or applied for patent.

4. There is a good English Foundation.

5. Health of the body.

Hired after management:

The Institute“is a distinguished young researcher”jobs recruitment of personnel into the cause of the preparation of Natural Science Research series, according to the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Institute of post-employment provisions of the management. Selected candidates in the implementation period of implementation 25-60 million RMB before tax agreement pay. Institute of stages to provide 250 million yuan of special funds support.

For recent Ph. D. graduates and years of service less than three years of Ph. D. graduates, the Institute for the implementation of the“Chinese Academy of Sciences, Special Research Assistant”System. The level of remuneration equivalent to the Institute, the Deputy senior professional technician salary average for particularly outstanding or made outstanding innovation and contributions to, or to obtain significant results, can improve their pay level. Full-time post-doctoral inclusion of Special Research Assistant in the management.

Special Research Assistant positions for the project to hire positions, three years hired after the expiration of the May competition Institute career preparation Science Study series post, eligible persons may be declared to the Chinese Academy of Sciences talent project. Full-time post-doctoral inclusion of Special Research Assistant in the management, but also can enjoy Gansu province, post-doctoral funding policy support.

The Institute depending on the talent plan provide a competitive research special funds and remuneration; providing a housing allowance, a one-time settling-in Allowance, etc. Special Research Assistant pre-tax annual salary 20W+in.

Unit introduction

Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics as Lanzhou was the built in 1958, the current is mainly carried out resources and energy, new material, Eco and health and other fields of basic research, applied research, and strategic high-tech research. With 2 State Key Laboratory, 1 National Technology Innovation Center, 1 National Engineering Research Centers, 1 national local joint Engineering Research Center, 2 medium Sciences Key Laboratory, 1 medium Sciences Engineering Laboratory, 2 of Gansu province, Key Lab. Institute for green chemistry and chemical technology, specialty lubricating protective materials and Engineering Technology, Western Specialty Medicine Tibetan medicine, eco-materials and engineering, such as 4 research and technology platform. Responsible for editing and publishing the tribological Journal of molecular catalysis for the analysis and testing technology and instruments of the 3 kinds of academic journals.


Annual salary 25-60 million

Recruitment process

Send your resume to email:

Email and resume name format: Name – Application for the post name-Research Group

Attachments:2022 recruiting plan

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Academic requirements

Master and above

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