On the fiscal principal called:“40 million doctoral like a beggar, do research, recommendations for a raise 10 million dollars.”

11 on 26 May, in the seventh Fudan chief economist Forum, people's Republic of principal Liu Yuan Chun said:

“Our country has 40 million doctoral like a beggar in doing research work, their monthly income is only 3000 Yuan, the proposed increase of 10 million dollars, making each of them a monthly income of 1 million dollars, so you can put the doctoral student develop into a top talent, but also to the normal pay.”

Image Source: people's Republic of principal Liu Yuan Chun statement Video Screenshot

For this, many PhD students have jokingly said:"Finally someone noticed that we"beggar"it!"

Scholars called for greater investment in education, to give our country the highest degree of talent to increase the subsidy, listening is a good thing. But the discussion of the crowd, there is no shortage of someone to object.

Some netizens said:“the extra money can be a outcome of it? Now even a section of the court of Justice of the PhD students are doing scientific research, and everywhere Fudge lie to the project money, if can not guarantee the successful conversion of the results to society to bring economic value, why do you want to increase your investment? You productively up and then grab the bonus, just not poor anymore?”

At First Listen, this to the economic interests of the calculation of talent out of the argument, it seems a little truth. But considering graduate students real scientific life and work in the future, it is a bit“don't give horses grass, but also to the horses run”means.

  • Scientific research is not a business

Many people have a top like that idea, probably because of the mental on natural scientific research as a business, fell into a kind of investment psychology.

“Investment is to consider the cost and return of, if not worthwhile, Why should I give you so much money?”

But in the field of scientific research, many of the disciplines of development are starting from scratch, if we consider the future costs and benefits, they most likely will never have progress.

An analogy is.

Just last night, China's Shenzhou-fifth manned launch of the spacecraft to a successful conclusion, which marks the Space Station Key technology verification and construction stages of the planning of the 12 launch Task all the successful completion of our“space dream”and forward a big step.

However, like this“manned space engineering”“lunar exploration”“space station building”like the project, is part of the national level of the strategic plan, at this stage, it can be said temporarily can not see any gains.

If for a long time, even generations, and generations to see return, this field will not develop it?

All say“the future battlefield in space”. Even developed countries are to develop Aerospace Science and technology, no yesterday put, would not have today's leading. If space industry development is not up, then the technology with the military industry development will also be restricted, thereby affecting the national status and people's lives.

To know that there are a lot of new materials, new processes, new technologies, is in the aerospace industry developing was born.

“Days go one”detector using the ultra-lightweight honeycomb reinforced ablative material; Shenzhou thirteen manned spacecraft key parts of the use of protection/insulation integrated in the density of the premix;“Chang'e”“Compass”“Shenzhou”series are used by the China Building Materials Institute belongs to the Quartz Institute of manufacturing the radiation resistance of quartz glass......

If not start regardless of the cost to put, would not have these high-tech material and technology was born.

The future, they also won't go into, and to improve ordinary people's lives.

  • Not all disciplines have economic value

The national strategy of the discipline for the time being put aside. In many disciplines, can not be directly converted to the product, it cannot be in circulation on the market of non-technology-based research project, very much.

Many people talk about the Humanities, it seems that all share the commonality of evaluation:“the liberal arts is nothing large, and the stability was poor.”

Liberal arts though inferior to science and engineering applications and strong, and some people also cited the Qing dynasty yellow view Jen the random thoughts of the poem the phrase“ten nine people worthy glares, hundreds of non-A is a scholar”as a metaphor for Humanities majors.

However, the liberal arts fields do not need to develop? In the existing society, the liberal arts in the field of the development of a blank, in fact there are many more.

And with the quality of people's lives, and are closely related.

Take legal professional to say.

Whether you are a science Ph. D., or engineering Ph. D., As long as you're a national citizen, in a lifetime, the basic will meet up with several needs to use legal weapons to safeguard their rights and interests at the time.

While China's legal practitioners, whether it be from a practicing attorney, or enter the system within the practice officer, or enter College when the legal profession teacher...... Most of the people, to citizens of a better life and constantly put in the effort.

The laws, the more perfect, as personal interests more can be protected. Some have not yet been well-established legal terms, 裨补 gaps is a long process, but also to rely on the“legal person”this is a group to promote, it will speed up the process so that it becomes more reasonable and closer to the Humanities.

  • Dr. life quo

To read Dr. talents, of age on the already not small, even many of whom are families with.

The pressure of life and scientific pressure, are restricting the talent development of critical factors. To really put the national reserve personnel have power, use them alone for a month thousands of dollars of income standards, yet even rice have enough to eat, and what to talk about“the peace of mind to engage in scientific research”mean?

Only let the talent they have no worries, and highly educated professionals of wisdom that will really put in the research on academic, rather than oil salt sauce vinegar tea.

Scientific research is a long one, this process to make“today where the money subsidized home”ideas as possible to get out of the position, a little less means of livelihood, a little more academic research on the discipline's development and personal progress is good.

The universe is vast, and the truth is eternal. Regardless of the discipline classification, a person can be in a limited life, the humanity of the world in various fields of cognitive effort is, in itself, a valuable thing.

Talent efforts at the same time, to give the corresponding return, as the stars candle,"the Be Light, make light of."

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