Dalian University of technology, Ningbo Institute of 2022 research technology jobs Recruitment Notice

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Unit description

Dalian University of technology, Ningbo Institute hereinafter referred to as the“Institute”was established in the 2019 Year 7 month, is Ningbo municipal People's government and the Dalian University of technology based on both the governance Industry-University-Research Collaborative Innovation, in accordance with the“complementary advantages and common development, mutual benefit and achieve win-win”principle in Ningbo City, co-organized by the independent legal institutions, approved, Zhejiang province, the new R & D institutions.

Research Institute focusing Ningbo“246”thousands of billions of industrial clusters, the introduction of school advantages of disciplines, brought together world-class talent, with established Dalian University of technology, major innovations platform branch agencies, has a“high-end equipment and intelligent manufacturing technology”,“new materials and molding technologies”,“Green Fine Chemical and bio-pharmaceutical technology”,“major infrastructure technology”and“information, software and artificial intelligence technology”five Innovation Center and Zhejiang provincial post-doctoral workstation. Five innovative center of relying on the Dalian University of technology advantages of strong discipline, State Key Laboratory and Ningbo Economy, Trade and industry, etc. the comprehensive advantages of the formation of the major innovations of the platform, in order to establish the state of the industry high-quality development of the booster and high-end talent meta-base as the goal, by the academician and well-known experts as the Innovation Center's chief scientist.

Job description

Job responsibilities:

Recruitment conditions:

Facing the Ningbo Institute of development and discipline requirements, the completion of scientific research, technology development, personnel training, etc.


1. Remuneration structure

“Wage jobs+basic salary+incentive performance+annual special awards+the thirteenth salary”。 Which job salary in accordance with Institute standards to determine; the basic salary, mutatis mutandis, career preparation into the employee-owned Standard determined; the reward of performance, annual special rewards according to performance participation allocation.

2. Salary

Full-time researchers in the use of the contract system of employment, and the Institute of labour contracts, the specific salary needs based on personal title, academic degree, work experience and other factors to determine the Institute by Ningbo provisions to pay five insurance payments, wherein the housing provident Fund payment of a proportion of units and individuals of each of the 12 per cent. According to the Ningbo high-level talents classification of the identified entries 2022 edition of the talent classification, for different talent to provide the type of salary are as follows:

Talent categories

Pre-tax annual salary

Personal research start-up funds

City/district home grants

City/area housing subsidies

Institute of home buyers subsidies

Top talent

One thing

One thing

Up to 800 million

Up to 300 million

One thing

Premium talent

100 million

Up to 100 million

Leading talent

58-61 million

200 million

80 million

Up to 80 million

60 million

Top-notch talent

48-51 million

100 million

50 million

Up to 50 million

Senior personnel

Deputy senior titles/excellent post-doctoral

27-31 million

7-30 million

15 million

Up to 30 million

35 million


19-22 million

25 million

Master intermediate grade)

15-18 million

Shared team research funding


Graduated 10 years in Ningbo city, the range for the first time to purchase a home only shelter, a one-time purchase amounted to 2%, up to 8 million yuan


General master

14-17 million

3. Research guarantee: The Institute provides the best scientific equipment and other scientific conditions.

4. Benefits

(1)life benefits: as a full-time master's graduates,“double first-class”construction of the College or Jiangbei industrial development of urgently needed professional graduates full-time bachelor degree graduates, according to the master of 4 million yuan, undergraduate 2 million in three phases of application life subsidies.

(2)the rental subsidy: the Institute is in Ningbo city, Jiangbei, the Yinzhou, the Haishu, Beilun, Zhenhai five areas within the non-personal real estate full-time employees to provide a one-year $ 1000 per month of rent subsidies.

(3)other: the staff canteen, staff turnover dormitory, a free annual physical examination, paid time off, recuperation, spring trips, birthday benefits, holidays, benefits, fitness activities, venues, etc.

Application process

A registration and step

1. Registration

This recruitment is only taken the mailbox registration, registration mailbox is: application@techtalentsuk.com it.

2. Registration steps

(1)Fill in the Dalian University of technology, Ningbo Institute of candidates form of Annex 2; and

(2)send your resume and related documents in the electronic version for editing a PDF document, a PDF document named as“name+school+professional+recruitment team+freelance jobs+source green tower talent.”

Wherein, the relevant proof material contains valid ID card front and back, from the undergraduate to the highest degree of Diploma, Degree Certificate, Ministry of education to prove the Electronic Registration Filing of the table, winning certificate, skills certificate, certificate of title, the representative of the thesis or other research results, etc. Temporarily not obtain the graduation certificate, degree certificate graduates to be provided by the science communication network issued by the Ministry of education student online verification report and by the school issued employment recommendation table; outside study personnel are also required by the Ministry of Education Study Abroad Service Center issued by the foreign academic degree certificate action.

(3)the time of registration please send a Word version of the application form with the PDF application materials together sent to the specified mailbox, the Mail called the“name+school+Professional+Recruitment Team+candidates for the post of”.

Second, the evaluation

This recruitment includes a professional interview and a comprehensive interview of the two links. The Institute will be based on the application requirements and the requirements of the corresponding external material qualification, merit screening and notify qualified candidates to attend an interview, please candidates in a timely attention to your personal mailbox or mobile phone.

Third, investigation, physical examination, and Publicity hire

According to the interview results in a 1:1 ratio is determined to enter the medical personnel list, medical examination standards with reference to the state civil service recruitment examination General standard trial was performed.

Considering the interview, study, medical case, merit determined to be hiring staff, and public. Publicity without objection staff in the publicity after the end of the Research Institute of labour contracts, check-in-boarding procedures.

The following circumstances-seekers, the Institute will cancel their hiring qualifications:

1. Does not meet the requirements, the fraudulent concealment application materials of applicants; and

2. With workplace personnel are not at the Institute within the specified time having the original unit agrees to tune out or release the Labour Relations attester.

Fourth, discipline and oversight

Open recruitment adhere to the“open, equitable, competitive, merit-based”principle, strict discipline, impartiality, non fraud, favoritism, full acceptance of Discipline Inspection and supervision Department and social supervision. Candidates such as fraud, misconduct, illegal behavior, once discovered, to cancel the recruitment eligibility, and informed of their units. To constitute a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility.


Annex 1: Dalian University of technology, Ningbo Institute of 2022 scientific and Technical Posts Recruitment plan for the third instalment)

Annex 2: Dalian University of technology, Ningbo Institute of candidates entry form

Job Features

Job Category


Academic requirements

Master and above

Number of vacancies

No limit

Age requirement

No limit

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