Country HKUST Hangzhou Institute for Advanced Studies invites global excellence application overseas preferably green project

School description

Country HKUST Hangzhou Institute for Advanced Study as a Hangzhou Court founded in 2019, is located in Xihu district, Hangzhou Xiangshan only get 1 number, which belongs to Zhejiang province, Hangzhou, focus on building in the West of the city kechuang large hallway core area. Is the by the Hangzhou municipal government and Chinese Academy of Sciences, the University co-organized, a set of Science and education to create the production as one of the new teaching and research institutions. Hang the High Court is in Hangzhou City Bureau of business units, is also the Chinese Academy of Sciences University Secondary College. Hang the High Court around the“physical information”“Life and health”“smart technology”and“ecological environment”four major areas in the Mathematical, Physical, Chemical, Life, Medical, pharmaceutical, environmental, computer, integrated circuit, and related interdisciplinary featured the direction of carry out scientific layout. Has now completed a total of 8 subjects cross-type Secondary College, the 12 Chinese Academy of court of Justice of the genus institutions participating contractors.

College profile

Country HKUST Hangzhou Institute of life and Health Science College, hereinafter referred to as the life and health of the College was founded in 2020 year by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Molecular Cell Science Excellence and Innovation Center co-construction of. Life and health colleges around the“Healthy China”strategy, based in Hangzhou, the radiation in the Yangtze River Delta, is committed to Molecular Cell Science to the forefront of basic research and system Health Science Applications of basic research. College of relying on the Chinese Academy of Sciences, systems biology, Key Laboratory of construction of the Zhejiang Provincial system of Health Sciences key laboratory cultivation through Key Laboratory as a platform to unite the disciplines of talents, and strive to built a healthy life scientific research in the field of internationally renowned research center, and creative talents of the Highlands and R & D base. 

Life and Health Academy in biology and medicine, nutrition and health, as well as bioinformatics and other areas have a high-quality and innovative talent team 12 Chief Professor of Studio teaching and research work in full swing, the post of Professor includes 3 Chinese Academy of Sciences academician, 25 countries Jay Green. The auspices of the National Natural Science Fund Committee on the surface, Chinese Academy of Sciences strategic pilot program with the STS area of focus, Zhejiang province“collar geese”development of research programs and the Natural Science Foundation of China focus, and the China postdoctoral Fund“the new”plan and other national, provincial and Ministerial level key projects; and in 2022 the smooth increase of the Nations section of the large biological and pharmaceutical biotechnology, engineering professional degree in culture point. 

Life and health College of existing molecules to cells common technology platform, Human Nutrition and Metabolism Research Platform, high-performance computing platforms and high-performance mass spectrometry technology platform 4 is a complete experimental technology platform, support teaching and research activities, to carry out comprehensive; relying on Human Nutrition and Metabolism Research Platform, built Chinese Nutrition at the world premiere of a metabolic compartment, opening up my nutrition research areas, the use of metabolic compartment the study of human energy metabolism of its kind. The College set up the perfect system of post-graduate courses, to guide graduate students participate in cutting-edge technology research and exploration; improve production and research diversified cooperative training mechanism, the formation of Science and education production-research fusion of distinctive characteristics. 

Application conditions

The following conditions refer to the 2022 National Natural Science Fund for Outstanding Youth Science Fund projects outside of the guide, eventually please to 2023 guidelines shall prevail. 

1. To comply with PRC laws and regulations, has a good scientific ethics, and consciously practice the new era scientists spirit; 

2. Date of birth in 1983 Year 1 month 1 day up to and including later; 

3. Having a doctoral degree; and 

4. Research direction mainly for the Natural Sciences, Engineering Technology, etc.; 

5. In 2023 4 by 15 May, should generally be in overseas universities, research institutions, enterprises and R & D institutions to obtain formal teaching or research positions, and having a continuous period of 36 months or more of work experience; in the overseas PhD and performance is particularly prominent, may be appropriate to relax the work experience requirements; 

6. Made counterparts experts recognized scientific or technical and other achievements, and has become the academic leaders or distinguished talent development potential; 

7. The applicant has not been a full-time return home(China)work, or 2022 years 1 month 1 day after returning(China)work. Funded notification must quit work abroad or overseas without a job, full-time repatriation(China)work of not less than 3 years. 

Limit requirement 

The implementation of the Central departments concerned about the National Science and technology talent program integrated convergence requirements. The same level of National Science and Technology Talent Program Support period can only take one item, not the inverse hierarchy of the application. 


The highest you can enjoy the Hangzhou court, Hangzhou and West of the city kechuang large hallway triple overlay talent to support the policy. 

1. Hangzhou genus formal career preparation, according to the applicant, the conditions prescribed hired as a distinguished Professor/researcher. 

2. To provide a area a competitive annual salary, not less than 60 million. 

3. Provide the regional competitiveness of the purchase subsidies, not less than 250 million yuan. 

4. Provide on-campus two-room turnover of housing, furniture, appliances furnished, bag check-in. 

5. Research start-up funds of not less than 400 million yuan, excluding national funding it. 

6. Assist in the development of the research team, with research assistants, graduate admissions indicators, master's, doctoral)。 

7. Assist in the application of Hangzhou high-level talent finds that the Enjoy city level high-level personnel of the appropriate treatment, including but not limited to medical benefits, to assist their children to school, to purchase lottery single-column index, scenic/Metro Bus free, airport, station Lounges, etc. 

8. The declarant belong to graduating doctoral and post-doctoral and comply with the relevant policies, also can be respectively enjoy 15 million and 80 million RMB living allowance to wait for treatment. 

Application process and contact information 

1. Intention to declare the project Young Scholars, please send your resume sent to the mailbox, E-mail: that the subject of the message, please indicate the“name+overseas preferably green filing+research directions”, the life and health of the College received the resume, will promptly contact you; 

2. To reach the declared intention after school Human Resources Department will follow the filing work to give special coaching.

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All the application information and data will be protected under GDPR


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All the application information and data will be protected under GDPR