Reduce youth researchers burden of the Special Operations embodiments of the release

Districts in the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the party Committee of the personnel office, the Education Bureau, Finance Bureau, Labor, Social Security Administration, the Association of Science, the provincial universities, research institutes, and the relevant units:

It will now be the on in mitigating the young researchers of the burden of the Special Operations Plan issued to you, please combined with the actual serious follow-up.

Programme content:

To further reduce youth researchers burden, fully stimulate young researchers and innovation to create dynamic, according to the Ministry of Science and technology, 5 sectors to the Convention on the in mitigating the youth researchers burden of the special operations of the notice requirements, combined with the province to the actual development of the following embodiments.

A, General requirements

A guiding ideology. In XI Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics thought for guidance, conscientiously implement the party's twenty-Yamato province of the fifteenth party Congress spirit, adhere to scientific and technological self-empowerment, Talent, Innovation, Innovation-Driven Development, a profound grasp of the innovative winning work oriented, in-depth implementation of technological innovation and talent to the province's first strategy to digitize reform for the lead, continuing to deepen the expansion of the field of scientific research“put the Tube service”reform, adhere to the incentives and constraints and, the burden and the services a parallel, authorization and exemption simultaneously, to support young researchers Bayonetta during the, when the protagonist, a remarkable skill, speed up creating Grand scale of the Youth Science and technology talent team for the province to speed up the build important World centres of excellence and innovation in the highlands of the strategic fulcrum to provide a strong support.

Two main goals. Before the end of the provincial level, the completion of the provincial Natural Science Foundation of China“negative list+包干制”, scientific and technological achievements empowerment reforms spread Surface, technology incentives, regulations and other documents of the revision work, the local, the various units to complete each level measures approach to obtain a revision of the work, advancing reduce youth researchers burden of the Special Operations floor-to-ceiling drop fine; 2023 6 before the end of each item measures the in-depth implementation, reducing the burden of operations and comprehensive implementation; 2023 12 before the end of the measures to obtain a significant effect, the formation of a number of theoretical results, institutional outcomes, practices, results, fight for the form can be copied can be extended a typical experience.

Second, the action content

A build young talent supported platforms armature support mechanisms

1. Support the young talent led to undertake major research task. Deepen“mortgage list command”“horse racing”and other systems that support young people involved in the“neck”of the key core technology research, 2023 annual“tip of the soldiers”“collar goose”R & D research plan project, the 40-year-old following young talents take on the project scale up to 29 per cent. The establishment of the Youth Science and technology talent“white list”system, exploring the high-quality completion of the goals, performance to highlight the research team to take the scroll support mechanisms, the use of the funds would be implemented 包干制。 Province science and Technology Office

2. Increased provincial key talent project for young talent support. The increase of young people before the introduction of the culture to support efforts to clear the province of overseas high-level talents introduction plan, the provincial high-level talents special support plan to support young talents ratio of not less than 50%. Build a stepped support mechanisms, and selected for the National Talent Plan or achieved iconic outcomes of young people may apply for additional support. (Provincial personnel office, the Provincial Science and Technology Department, Ministry of Finance, provincial manpower Social Security Office

3. Support major innovation platform gathering young talents. Encourage the Provincial Laboratory, provincial Technology Innovation Center, Strategy platform for young talent to create Bayonetta during the, when the protagonist of the Opportunities, 2023 before the end of the Provincial Laboratory, provincial Technology Innovation Center, gathering young talents ultra 3000, independent project topics in more than 50% by the age of 40 years young talent featuring。 Start the“hundred court thousands of companies cited million only”operations, increase domestic and foreign outstanding young talent discovery lead education efforts. Province science and Technology Department, the provincial Association for science and technology)

(二)perfect favor of the young researchers to stand out of the training mechanism

4. Established youth researchers stable support mechanism. Implementation million Dr. gathering operations, increase business in the station post-doctoral research project support, guide conditions of the research unit of the new post doctoral graduates, post-doctoral provide not less than 5 years of non-competitive funding to public universities basic research operating expenses of more than 50% of support for young teachers and young researchers. Steady increase in the provincial Natural Science Foundation of China explore the project Young special financing proportion. 2023 annual provincial Natural Science Fund for young people only 500 or more, strive for more than 50% of the Fund for the project by the age of 40 years young talent featuring。 Province science and Technology Department, the Ministry of Education, provincial Finance Department, the provincial manpower Social Security Office

5. Expand scientific research units employing autonomy. Support conditional scientific research units established young scientists, in particular research and other positions, in the research conditions, income and benefits, continuing education and other aspects to give the necessary protection. The establishment of research institutions Post total control, structure, proportion of dynamic adjustment mechanisms, without increasing the financial burden and ensure that professional and technical jobs accounted for the main body of the case, research the cause of units according to the career development needs and other factors that may independently determine the units of management, professional technical and logistical skills third class between the posts of the structure of the scale, 2022 before the end of the selection part of the scientific research institutions to carry out the pilot. Province manpower Social Security Office, the Provincial Science and Technology Office

6. Safeguard young people only research and time. Implementation of the“no meeting day”, does not require the young researchers to participate in the occasion of, socializing activities, to attend the reception of the meeting, to ensure that youth full-time researchers working days for the research of the time less than 4/5。 Encourage all types of innovation and the main development research assistant jobs, research assistant salary, Social Security may be by a balance of funding and Project service charges to pay, 2022 by the end of attracting College graduates 7,000 or more. Encouraged scientific research units to implement flexible working, the construction of mother and Child room, provision of child care services, the organization of young researchers to carry out the“daily exercise 1 hour”activities. Province science and Technology Department, the provincial education office

7. Strengthening youth researchers to cultivate the platform building. The implementation of Academician of the junction of the culture of the Youth Fellowship, youth was lifted engineering,“a thousand Bo helps thousands of companies”Special Action. Support for young researchers to join the society, associations, research and other scientific associations, and the Governing Council will absorb a certain percentage of the Youth Science and technology talent. High level organized by the world young scientist summit, the strengthening of the international research environment of the building, to broaden the International Science and technology cooperation channels. Strengthening youth researchers in the style of the style of building, promoting scientists spirit, fostering a culture of innovation, to create innovative atmosphere. Province science and Technology Association, the Provincial Science and Technology Department, the provincial education office

(三)established in line with the young researchers to the law of development of evaluation mechanisms

8. Perfect young talents of Science and technology evaluation mechanisms. Deepen the scientific evaluation of the reform, the scientific setting the evaluation period, the youth researchers focus on pursuing the recruitment period for evaluation, the long period of the evaluation, to reduce the evaluation frequency, simplify, desalination usual assessment. For pregnant feeding period female researchers appropriate to relax the deadline requirements, to extend the assessment external assessment period, the research project may be extended conclusion. Reasonable evaluation of the youth researchers actually work contribution, according to the job characteristics classification set of evaluation indicators, avoiding simple to emphasize the signature unit of the sort, the results of the signature of the author sort results into Number and amount. Province science and Technology Department, the provincial manpower Social Security Office

9. Deepen the advancing young researchers titles system reform. The cause of the nature of scientific research units, in the optimization of Post management on the basis of the gradual decentralization of titles reviewed right to establish a sound will allow young researchers to the fore of the evaluation mechanism. The corporate researchers, and gradually will review the delegation of authority to the industry associations or enterprises, and sound to adapt to business and industry characteristics of the evaluation system. In accordance with the“Mature one, and authorized a”principle of 2022 before the end of the selection of the number of conditional provincial key enterprise research Institute, new-Type R & D institutions, science and technology leading enterprise, etc. to carry out research Series titles independent evaluation of the hired pilot. Province manpower Social Security Office, the Provincial Science and Technology Office

10. To reduce the research project supervision and inspection frequency. The implementation of the“milestone”type key node management, and reduce project implementation period various types of assessments, inspections, spot checks and other activities, for the focus of the research projects carried out regular checks, the General subject of the implementation period in principle by not more than 5%of the proportion of spot checks, the implementation period of three years following the freedom to explore the class basis of the research topic is generally not carried out during inspection. Province science and Technology Department, Ministry of Finance, Office of

(四)sound full release of young researchers of creative energy incentives

11. Play research funding incentives. Deepening financial technology funding allocation mechanism reform, increase research funding guidelines for the use and effectiveness, improve the scientific research project funding allocation mechanisms, the mathematics and other purely theoretical basis of the research project indirect cost ratio increased to 60%, allowing the provincial research institutes, where the basic research operating expenses in the extract is not more than 20%as a unit of scientific research incentive funding. Deepen province Natural Science Fund“negative list+包干制”reform, the implementation of the project implementation, use of funds, project management, integration of“lump sum”。 Province Department of Finance, the Provincial Science and Technology Office

12. The sound embodied knowledge of the value of the salary distribution mechanism. Expand the functions of scientific and technological achievements empowerment pilot reform of the range, to strengthen the scientific and technological achievements equity or long-term use of the researchers of long-term incentives. The implementation of the universities, research institutes salary distribution autonomy, increase youth science and technology talent at the salary, housing, schooling for children and other aspects of support. Encourage universities, research institutes, youth researchers collar office, the founder of the science and technology enterprises, the promotion of shares of the right incentives, the project of dividends and other corporate scientific and technical personnel incentives. Province manpower Social Security Department, the provincial Finance Department, the Provincial Science and Technology Office

Five to digital reforms to promote scientific research to put the right empowerment

13. To promote research and management the whole process of digitization. The construction of“scientific brain”capacity of the center, the whole intelligent push notification, review, acceptance and outcome of the transformation of scientific and technical information, integrate and simplify project reporting project, process management, inspection and other aspects of the material, avoid basic information, mission objectives and other statements repeatedly reported, the realization of the research project“up to fill the time.” Reduce youth researchers transactional burden, to promote the use of the electronic seal, advancing research funding paperless reimbursement pilot. Province science and Technology Department, Ministry of Finance, Office of

14. Major application scenarios enabling young talents. Build a“science of the brain+the Future Lab”innovation paradigm, the iterative upgrade of the“scientific and technological research online,”“science and technology achievement transformation online”“science and technology businesses to grow online,”“Zhejiang in great instrument to share online”and other major applications, enhanced with“Zhejiang people only home of”the underlying data through the promotion of large-scale scientific research equipment, Scientific Reports and other innovative resources to open a shared, intelligent precise configuration, the better the service the youth researchers. Province science and Technology Department, the provincial talent to do)

15. Sound encouraging innovation, tolerance, failure of the due diligence exemption mechanism. Iteration of scientific and technological achievements conversion online“Peace House”scenarios, to support provincial universities, health institutions and state-owned enterprises such as the post of scientific and technological achievements single-column management, eliminating the researchers“did not want to go, does not dare to go”worries. Projecting the original, encourage free exploration of the exploratory strong, research and development of high-risk frontier research projects, the establishment of due diligence to be free from accountability mechanisms. Province science and Technology Department, Ministry of Finance, Office of

Third, the organization and implementation of

(一)enhance the integration and coordination. Provincial personnel office, the Provincial Science and Technology Department, the provincial education Department, the provincial Department of Finance, provincial manpower Social Security Department, the provincial Association for science and technology, etc. enhance the integration and coordination, to do a good action deployment and all aspects of the organization to mobilize, according to the division of responsibilities the implementation of the lead task, the formation of sectoral collaborative support, provincial, city and County integrated linkage of the operating system.

(二)implement the main responsibility. Various scientific research units to effectively implement the main responsibility, the control of action requires the development of the units in the implementation of the programme, the compaction leadership responsibilities, sound system mechanisms, the refinement task decomposition, advancing steps and time frames for the completion, to ensure a clear division of Labor, responsibility to the people, the special operations requirements fall into place.

Three enhanced tracking Q efficiency. Strengthen the implementation of the track guidance, the establishment of communication and feedback channels, the initiative to listen to young researchers opinion demands, timely research to solve the related problems. Note summarizing the experience, play a typical demonstration effect, to promote the policies of a solid landing. Course of action relating to the situation in a timely manner to higher authorities report.

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