A quote into 938 person: Dr. 57-66 million subsidy, the spouse also had 10. 8 million!

Recently, the Guangdong province Meizhou city released 2023 introduction urgently needed talent announcement for the introduction of Dr. A total of 57-66-million subsidy with 3 million talent settled awards, the 24-33 million living subsidies, 20 million yuan purchase subsidy, $ 10 million in compensation grants, etc., the introduction of Dr. spouse unemployed during the month-neck $ 3000 allowance, up to the collar 10. 8 million yuan, up to the issuance of three years.

Registration time for the announcement of the release date to 2023 1, on 31 May.

The announcement reads as follows:

Meizhou 2023 introduction urgently needed talent announcement for the implementation of the Meizhou implementation of the“green plum plan to”gather young talents of a number of measures of Plum City of the Ming power of the [2022] of 100 numbers, gathering more talents to the plum jobs, innovation and entrepreneurship, the study agrees that it will now be Meizhou city by 2023 introduction urgently needed personnel related matters are announced as follows: to the end of this article you can download Bulletin full text, post table, etc.

  1. The introduction of the object

A doctoral student, senior technical talent.

Two graduate students, senior technicians.

Three technicians or other special talents. Orientation training, delegates, training, on-the-job culture of the graduates are not included in the introduction of the target range.

  1. Introduction plan

  1. Enterprise talent needs of 493 people.

  2. Business unit talent needs of 445 people.

  3. In addition to this announcement schedule jobs outside, the introduction of the PhD students is not affected by this announcement on nationality, job, professional, demand quantity, the registration cut-off time limit, according to the candidate the professional and personal strengths and, by the municipal Party Committee Organization Department to recommend to the employer or the candidate themselves with the employer contact to two-way mode selection press to make the best use of the principles of the implementation of the unit. IV in addition to this announcement schedule jobs outside the focus of the industry backbone enterprises directory of enterprises to the introduction of new doctoral, master's, graduate, senior technical personnel, senior technicians, technicians are incorporated the introduction of the plan.

  1. Introduction conditions

  1. Having people's Republic of China nationality; compliance with people's Republic of China Constitution and the laws and regulations, to embrace the Chinese Communist Party's leadership and the socialist system.

  2. Having good political quality and ethical conduct; and performance excellent or grades in school is excellent; there are the normal duties of the physical condition, psychological quality and meet the job requirements ability to work.

  3. PhD, senior technical talent age at 45 years of age, 1976 11 months after birth; the other, the introduction of talent age is generally in the 35 years following 1986-11 months after the birth centre. Particularly outstanding can be appropriately relaxed.

  4. Ordinary domestic colleges and universities graduates must be in 2023 9 months by 30 to obtain the corresponding diploma, degree; the state territory)outer court School graduates are required to qualification examination before obtaining a diploma, the diploma and the Ministry of Education issued degree certification letter; the other candidates the person subject to the registration cut-off date to obtain the appropriate diploma and degree certificate.

  5. Currently with my city employer formation of Labor Relations is not full 2 years of the personnel, or the city of the employer to terminate Labor Relations and the candidate is not in the city working at full 1 year can apply for, and obtain, after not enjoying the urgent shortage of talent in all treatment.

  6. Has been with me the city of the employer to terminate Labor Relations and candidates before the city outside work a full 1-year personnel, and included the introduction of the target range, the introduction of enjoy after the corresponding treatment.

One of the following circumstances, shall not apply to:

  • Illegal, violations, disciplinary or under investigation pending, or to the organization, the community sector and the employer deemed unsuitable for the introduction of the staff.

  • To be legally classified as a breach of the joint disciplinary objects.

  • In the organs, institutions recruit(external exam, physical examination or inspection in the presence of violations disciplinary actions.

  • In the reading of the non-graduates of ordinary universities and colleges students, active military personnel; in my city within the scope of the organs of the business units in the encoder on-the-job personnel.

  • Currently with my city employer formation of Labor Relations under 2 years of personnel.

  • Had to enjoy my introduction into high-quality talent plan or the introduction of urgently needed talent program of preferential policies of the personnel.

  • Laws and regulations shall not be introduced in other cases.

  1. Preferential policies

  1. Talent settled Awards. For 35 years including the following colleges, occupation mechanic)graduates of the new settled in Meizhou with existing Meizhou domicile talent back to Mei, a local institution year degree graduates stay plum and plum enterprises, state-owned enterprises, except for employment or self-employment that meets the relevant conditions, and the payment of Social Security over 6 months, according to Dr., senior technical talents 3 million yuan, graduate students, senior technician 2 million, undergraduate, technician $ 5000, Diploma, Advanced duplex $ 2000 standard given settled in rewards per person only stop once. Dr., senior technical talent age can be relaxed to 45 years of age.

  2. Living subsidies, purchase subsidies. 1. Dr., senior technical talent: 5 years give me the city and public institutions, state-owned enterprises talent 4000 yuan/month, Enterprise talent 5500 RMB/month living allowance. Work to after 5 years and in the purchase of, the administration of 20 million yuan purchase subsidy. The Central, Provincial resident plum flats new introduction, Dr. talents, the city of financial giving $ 10 million in salary allowances(min 5 years of the issuance of. 2. Graduate, senior technician: 5 years give me the city and public institutions, state-owned enterprises talents of $ 2000/month, Enterprise talent 3500 RMB/month living allowance. Work to after 5 years and at the buyers to give 15 million yuan purchase subsidy. 3. Technician or other special talent: 5 years give me the city and public institutions, state-owned enterprises talent to $ 1000/month, Enterprise talent 2500 RMB/month living allowance. Work to after 5 years and at the buyers to give 10 million yuan purchase subsidy.

  3. Security of tenure guarantee. Eligible can apply for check-in talent apartment.

  4. Spouse placement. My city unit of the new introduction of the Dr personnel, their spouses in the unemployed during the issuance of living allowance 3000 RMB/month, subsidies for a period not exceeding 3 years. My introduction into high-level talents or in my city, business working urgently needed young talent, and their spouses in the city outside of work and willing to plum, and every year to come up with a certain number of organs, enterprises, jobs, according to the peer counterpart, the post similar people post adapted, two-way selection, moderate batches of principles for receiving placement.

  5. Children enrolled in school. The introduction of new talent of the children in my city the compulsory school, the hierarchical co-ordinate priorities degree guarantees attending from outside the city into the city to attend, you can enjoy a transfer privileges. More than subsidies, rewards are before tax.

  1. The introduction of the modalities, procedures

  1. Business units.

1. The registration time. From the date of this announcement to 2023 1, on 31 May.

2. Registration mode. The introduction of the use of the network registration mode. Candidates log in Meizhou city in 2023 introduction urgently needed talent to the registration system for registration, in the register should be read carefully before this announcement and accessories content, registration information shall be true, accurate, complete, and take full responsibility. Apply for staff registered personal information, you can select only one post registration and upload own recent bareheaded 2 inch front document electronic photo format*. JPG format, size is 30KB following it. By the employer or the competent authorities of the candidate personnel information for review and will review the results of the feedback of candidates personnel.

Fill in the“learning and work experience”section should be in chronological order, from high school a secondary school, a vocational begin to fill in what month to what month wherever, any units of work and study, at any level, which, for the University during a learning experience, to be filled out clearly schools, faculties, professional name. For the convenience of the employer to review whether the avoidance relationship posts, family members, and the main social relations must not be missing, so as not to affect the audit.

Application materials include: ID card, education certificate(graduates of the College graduates employment referral form, the professional and technical qualification certificates and other materials. Country(environment)outer court graduates are also required to provide the Ministry of Education issued degree certification letter. Work experience should be accompanied by a Social Security payment records.

Currently with my city employer formation of Labor Relations is not full 2 years of the personnel, or the city of the employer to terminate Labor Relations and the candidate is not in the city working at full 1-year personnel the time of registration must be in the“remarks”column, write“I belong to the current and Meizhou employer formation of Labor Relations is not full 2 years of the person or the person belongs to with Meizhou employer to terminate Labor Relations and the candidate is not in the city working at full 1-year personnel, voluntarily admitted after not enjoy the urgent shortage of talent in all treatment.”

Candidates may not apply for the professional code and the recruitment post professional code inconsistent positions. Learn professional not listed in the professional directory without a professional code, optional professional directory of similar professional exam, the professional curriculum must be with the admission requirements of the professional courses are basically the same, in the qualification provided when the certificate has graduated and the school of professional courses transcripts, subject to the Office of academic Affairs stamped and colleges issued by the course of the comparison of the description and the school set up a professional on the basis of the material. Candidates may not apply for employment after that constitute avoidance relationship the post. To ensure impartiality, where with the recruitment unit of the leadership members of the existence of the marital relationship, a direct blood relationship, the third generation within the collateral relatives by blood relationship as well as the near-in-law relationship, the candidates are required to avoid, shall not apply for the positions.

3. Eligibility review. According to the post set of eligibility criteria by the Personnel Management Authority for audit and feedback of results. Information missing or does not meet the requirements of, and shall be at the employer or the competent Department of the feedback review comments within 10 working days of Supplement offers, overdue provided as a waiver of registration. Before the interview you provide in the registration form on triplicate and registration material original. Qualification shall be in 2023 years 2 months 28 days to complete, in case of special situation, the message municipal talent do consent, it may be appropriate for an extension.

4. Integrated assessment. Dr. post exam time and flexible schedule, you can pick the exam, by the employer or organization, the community sector according to the registration situation of organization and implementation.

Other positions integrated assessment has mainly taken the interview plus the psychological quality assessment(the employer according to the actual need to increase the written or practical assessment part, the specific assessment time, place notice.

Assessment after the end, the employer or the competent authorities according to the assessment of the situation to determine whether to enter the medical examination, study link. If a post is less than 3 people apply, the employer or the competent departments of view candidates overall quality of case studies to determine whether the introduction, determining not be introduced by the employer feedback to candidates.

5. Preferred transfers. The city and County organization Department, employing units according to the job vacancy, the message municipal talent do agree, you can select the preferred swap.

6. Physical exam visits. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the medical examinations, inspection. Examination, inspection of unqualified or abandoned by the employer to decide whether to turn replaced.

7. Public hire. City linear units, each County, city, area, determine intended to introduce candidates to the list, the message municipal personnel office, the audit, the public shows no objection, according to the relevant provisions of the onboarding process.

  1. The enterprise. Enterprise jobs talent by the employer self introduction, the candidate and the employer to contact the introduction matters. With the introduction of the person signing the contract as soon as possible after usually three months within the message municipal personnel office for approval filing.

  1. Other matters

  1. For special urgent shortage of talent introduction, to take one person, one policy, one thing out of the way.

  2. This primer will work the eligibility throughout the entire process, if found to have concealed the real situation, providing false materials of the case, shall cancel the introduction of the qualification and the recovery of associated economic benefits.

  3. Apply for staff be sure to keep mobile phones and other means of communication open, because the candidates are unable to contact the consequences of, and by the candidates themselves.

  4. The Times cited only work in strict accordance with the new Crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control normalization relevant requirements of the organization.

  5. This Bulletin matters not, by the municipal personnel office is responsible for the explanation of the Advisory Tel 0753-2250302 it.

  6. Contact phone area code 0753)

梅江区: the 2196966; and Meixian area: 2589966; and

兴宁市: the 3263761; the 平远县: the 8899336; and

蕉岭县: the 7873761; the 大埔县: the 5182991; and

Fengshun County: the 6886391; the Wuhua: the 4438298。

In the co-Mei state and Municipal Committee Organization Department

Meizhou city Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

2022 Year 11 month 28 day


Annex 1: Meizhou things before. wps

Annex 2: 梅州市2023年企业引进急需紧缺人才岗位需求表.xlsx

Annex 3: 梅州市2023年事业单位急需紧缺人才需求表.xls

Annex 4: 梅州市2023年引进急需紧缺人才报名表.doc


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