The assessment is complete, or the assessment is not on the title you!“ Retainer-long hire”under, bell peppers Barilla life!

20th century 80's, China began to explore the University personnel system reform, a non-liters that go to the core guidelines of“pre-hired-long Hire”system is pushed on the Chinese history of the stage, from 1993 Tsinghua University, part of the faculty pilot“non-liters-and-go to”start, has been for nearly 30 years.

From its birth at the beginning, this system is disputed. Supporters believe that this is the Broke College of traditional artificial mode of curing, so that the colleges and universities in the Personnel Management on“there there down, there is a carry out”, to inspire teachers of scientific potential, to promote academic outputs of important initiatives. Opponents argue that the move will further aggravate“the weight of scientific research, light teaching”the system guide, will give the young talent to bring heavy pressure to survive, easy to induce“academic misconduct”event is generated.

“Pre-hired-Long hire”under, bell peppers the real experience

“Age, academic, teaching, life stress superposition, all year round, become green peppers norm”

Are in the pre-recruitment period Dr. Zhang:“the gang recruits soon, the current work of the task a lot, feel a lot of pressure, like in the previous two years to make what the topic is not too real, now 30 years old, does not dare to give birth, currently many colleges and universities are required under 35 years of age, very afraid of this long-hired fail.”

Has commentary on Professor Dr. Lam:“the provisions of the contract must be in the four-year evaluation on the associate Professor, the past three years, my daily dozen hours sitting in front of the computer, the night to work into Eleven Two Point, almost no weekend time, or even the New Year at work, the level of the third year, to reach a goal, but are still unable to relax, stop.”

“The assessment task is completed, the evaluation of‘titles’are successive defeat, a College to achieve the value of life”

The middle of the departure of Dr. Lee, the 985 present Shuo Bo tonal, and onboarding South a 211 a six-year comprehensive annual salary of 40w or so, no knitting. Recruited for the second year to complete all assessment tasks, the first three years to help leaders do issue their own zero results, hiring period the first four or five years in succession review title of defeat, the sixth year teaching and research outcomes of the harvest, once again review the title before he chose to leave, he said:“efforts have been a breakthrough in itself is a worthy self-affirmation and satisfied thing, why then treat yourself to such a system evaluation.” Dr. Lee is currently working on a head 985, has received secondary vocational and career preparation.

Many of the Dr. not so lucky. According to recent College recruiting real situation, a considerable proportion of the Dr, even all year round, or go long and recruitment failure. These Dr. or change the College to continue to“non-liters-and-go”, or safe to go to a regular College, or transfer to the Administrative, but also a part of the Dr. out of College in the field to the enterprise single

“Personal improvement, catch assessment requirements increase, the General two-give me the stable”

Job search UPS and downs of Dr. Wang: the“19 years to get to one of the flows 985 offer, a three-year recruitment period, the non-liters of ready to go, the regularization of the requirements is the third article in a zone and hosting a provincial and Ministerial level projects, but have Overseas Bo after the experience can be relaxed, so I chose to go abroad to do a Bo later, came back to find the school no longer easily accept no hat Dr., job search coastal plain a present, too, are to be‘non-liters-and-go’, the assessment of the requirements of the same is third article is a district and a provincial-level projects, in the end, I choose to go to a Up the two universities do lecturers.”

Not“non-liters of ready to go”, as cited only highlights

In a non-liters that go to the core guidelines of“pre-hired-long Hire”system in the country has a small size. According to incomplete statistics, only the implementation or partial implementation of the system of“double first-class”colleges and universities have more than 100 homes, recently, there have been a lot of universities also began the implementation of the system.

No“non-liters of ready to go”, as cited only the highlights. A few without the implementation of the system of the universities, the“do not use‘non-liters-and-go’system”as cited only highlight, and publish recruitment information when doing highlights the label, we hope to attract talented people's attention.

But there is also not part of the implementation of“non-liters-and-go”of colleges and universities to disclose: school/campus was established, the need to attract talent, and now the cited only mode only as a transition, until the time comes, or will the implementation of“non-liters of ready to go”.

In addition, individual colleges and universities launched the“do not allow can stay.” Not so long ago, Fudan University Rector gold force to participate in the“dialogue of the brain”fellow of the forum revealed that the school will launch a“non-liters-and-go”alternative to the plan, does not allow can stay, as long as young scientists in the industry to do well enough, you can stay, resolving the“five unique”pressure.

“Non-liters of ready to go”large-scale introduction, how to optimize the needs urgent attention

Real long external system, its core feature is to reduce the professors of the body of the constraints, by“life”forms, to meet the development Mature teachers working deterministic demand, giving them more of a system of financial support and academic freedom, thereby promoting more creative outcomes outputs.

It is undeniable that this system is the introduction of the universities employing the mode of a major reform, it is progress, but the system also needs improvement.

Previously, my government for higher education research and the production amount have higher requirements, which led to the College evaluation criteria biased quantization, part of the University in order to enhance the scientific research achievements, by“non-liters of ready to go”in the form of a large number of recruitment, a large number of phase-out, in order to accumulate a large number of research capacity. The current state advocated the“broken five unique”, the related standards, the heavier“quality”, this evaluation of the way of reform, is expected to relieve the young teachers to the work of the“quantity”of pressure.

“Non-liters of ready to go”in the implementation process, the gradual deterioration became the“allow it go”,“only do not go up”, the current on the system, the most contentious of the two points: one is the phase-out percentage, colleges and universities and therefore on the hot search of the events are not uncommon. The second is the assessment of the promotion criteria of the stability and evaluation of authority, there are job seekers reflected in the entry for the previous three years it experienced two promoted to associate Professor in standard tuning.

The two sessions this year, there are representative for the current domestic colleges and universities to“pre-hire”system by showing the system of evaluation, teaching, research and teachers ' interests in issues such as make relevant recommendations:

From the recent society on “non-liters-and-go”debate is not difficult to see that only in the settlement of titles for promotion and scientific research evaluation, research, and evaluation-oriented questions, the system design and the supporting security issues and other problems after the Chinese University of personnel system reform, to be followed towards a new level.

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