Thirty years or so, Dr. graduation you, now pay how much?

With the employment the increase in pressure, select PubMed improve yourself more and more people, read master, a lot of people and will tangle you want to read the blog, in this case everyone is wondering, Ph. D. after graduation, the real treatment is how much?

In General, a PhD graduate of the whereabouts of the main four: universities, business, politics, blog post. But Dr. after graduation due to each person's own situation, choose a different treatment page will be different. Following a look at the previous Dr. Who the real share.

Northeast a University lecturer

My Dr. after graduating directly into the North-a Colleges and universities Do instructor, intermediate, belt series, year of the actual to the most treasures add up to less than 15 million, the settlement fee is one-time 6 million, live in the staff apartment, one month 240, teachers rice card directly to the memory of a 9999, only to a specific floor use, if you go to the supermarket or other cafeteria to also do card yourself save money. My income this income and extra income, my job is three times a week professional course, the rest of the work or classes all have the income, do not do all on your own, feel free Get alarmed just go for it, if you don't want to do a good job, of course, will be income in the form reflected. Welfare of the room what is think about it well, almost nothing.

PF+allowance for a month to nearly 3000, subsidies to 5 years, commentary on the Deputy high added 3 years that the money is not to buy take out. These is the current state, not much good, just stable.

National Laboratory Bo after

PhD later National Laboratory Bo later, at the time the salary is 7 million a year. National Laboratory of Bo after are generally lines, dry for over three years and leave. My luck is good, 18 by the end of the regularization into a staff scientist, considered half a permanent position, basically not to have problems will not be words, wages are 10 million a year.

Hands 4: 25 the above article 3 Article 15 of the above article, there are some other small articles. This condition, the station may get a local talent plan no problem, but the work pressure, the treatment, the conditions of work for sure than now.

Beijing Central enterprises to do the research work

Dr. after graduating took almost six months of work have not found suitable, the final in the tutor's help to enter the Beijing Central enterprises to do the research work. Basic salary per month plus meal Supplement the traffic complement a variety of grants, in total, to 1 million, to Fund the company added a personal two thousand.

Year-end look at the performance of the company, the first year-end to 1 million, and just work the hair the less, the 19 year-end to the 9 million of 5. This year this situation, the year-end will not be good. Travel allowance per day is less than 200, the other for the holidays benefits are issued a voucher, the average down each quarter 1000 more. With the professional students to the industry within the Central enterprises probably have is this level of income.

211 universities scientific research job

Dr. graduated into a 211 universities, the treatment is still relatively good, after entering it a room, but only the right to use, not ownership, wages better than me, the monthly salary to be able to get to the 1 million or so, in addition there are a variety of subsidies and 20 million of research start-up funds, but also the most treasures in the application to a multi-lateral issues. But there's research requirements, the pressure is relatively large.

Hangzhou a University research job

With a year abroad with training experience, has worked in Hangzhou certain colleges and universities, pure scientific research job, and after a trial period rooms of the transducer 20 million home fees, and the remaining 20 million ten years to give. Now the monthly salary to the 8600, the buckle of the 1500's performance, which is the normal salary to the 1 million or so. Research post Ah, the hair a put a put-down, the end of the year if no results, take what rewards.

Shandong a University lecturer

A 985 Dr, graduating in Shandong province, one of the undergraduate colleges coaching, Home fee of 10 million, with a monthly salary 7300, the year-end half a year about 12,000, the annual salary of 10-14 million. Of course, the year-end bonus and research capacity related to, reasonable engineering teacher made a 20 million years of the final award.

Northwest a University lecturer

Dr. graduated three years. In the West a certain flows II to the present teaching. Life is very dull. Salary of about 13-15 million rooms. Not how to engage in scientific research, because of the three years didn't get what the Fund. Just come to work when the school gave 60 million home fees, with the money to buy a car, buy a house, have left 20 million. Then the marriage dowry 18. 8 million, 办酒席 receive the gift of money is about the number, and take this money to buy a house. Now each month to repay the loan 5000 or so.

If you do not read the blog, should not be so fast to buy a car buy a house. Considered in this flows the capital to take root. So, the feeling of reading the family circumstances of bad people is a very good way.

A University lecturer

Ph. D. in a University to do a 2-year lecturer after a year switched to a 985 Deputy high, no preparation. School year to 15 million, the College each year to the 12 million or so only to 3 years, dissertation award per year on average to the 10 million or so. Currently own funds an annual average of more than 20 million. When nothing on the outside to do something part-time, per year to 12 million. Overall is still relatively cool.

Henan University lecturer

Henan+Provincial Department of co-construction+master+lecturer+3350(to)*12 a = 40200+16000(end-of-year allowance, a year to the income of 5. 6 million. Lecturer salary of N years is not honored, has been holding a teaching assistant salary per month TA ratio lecturer least 800+, without any other assistance. Schools in the lowest layer, no welfare room. Rent per month 3500, school, kindergarten outsourcing After a month 1400, the other will not say. It is said around the College income than the US school high......

Hunan a University lecturer

PhD after graduation went to Hunan to one of the two institutions when a lecturer salary 6000+, research awards to two years after the count, so a year on 80000+of dead salary.

Shandong vocational lecturer

Shandong Zibo national exemplary senior, PhD, lecturer, 4600, year to 54000, in addition to class fees income 4000。

Guangdong a University lecturer

Guangdong, a third of the present, lecturer, monthly 1 million, the annual all added up to the pre-tax 22 million. Very good

Jiangsu a University lecturer

A Jiangsu provincial key University+Dr+associate Professor, on the actual hand 7760 yuan, year-end bonus of around 15,000, lunch subsidies January $ 200. The rest is gone.

A 985 University associate Professor

Today participated in the promotion to associate Professor in reply, successfully promoted the Deputy High title, the sub-Order section annual salary of 22 million, the monthly housing allowance 2000 RMB. Colleague Deputy High title a month to wage 1. 7 million.

Dr. graduated just a year and a half, this year just thirty years of age. Read Dr. The goal is very clear, is to enter colleges and universities engaged in teaching and research work. With such a goal to read the four years of the PhD, graduate looking for a job the cast of all colleges and universities. The following is my experience part of the College situation.

Choose this University, not primarily to see the money, is more valued for its development potential and platforms. Now is allow go of the contract, the instructor per month got almost 1. 3 million.

Contract faculty is 4+3 modes, i.e., 4 years must be evaluated on associate Professor, comment on Professor after signing a 3 year contract, after the completion of the order to officially transferred to the long-employed. My income is configured salary+housing allowance+piecemeal extra money. In 2018, for example, the contract wage is 16w, the housing subsidy of $ 1500 per month, the salary income of nearly 18 million.

Gansu, a University lecturer

PhD after graduation went, Gansu one of the 985 when the lecturer, a monthly salary 8600, the annual salary of 12 million to 13 million or so, after tax.

XI'an a 211 universities Deputy High

PhD after graduation went to XI'an a 211 colleges and universities, the Deputy High+Master's guide, salary+post patch+allowance+EPF+room to fill, net of tax 1. 2w, no class fee, the year-end average prize 3000/year.

Yantai a University lecturer

PhD after graduation went to Yantai an ordinary provincial universities, lecturers, on the 5800, plus the end of the performance, 1 year 90000。

Inner Mongolia, a lecturer at the University of

PhD after graduation went to Inner Mongolia, one of the ordinary undergraduate, has been working for three years, lecturer, now on to the wages 6037 first two years, 5500, the bonus also is 1 million, the other to see the personal level.

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