Hubei Hongshan laboratory 2022 annual major project Declaration notification

To achieve the Hongshan laboratory overall objective, around the biological seed industry sector outputs breakthrough of the major theoretical results, to solve biological breeding industry chain development of important problems, according to 2022 Hongshan laboratory chamber Services Committee plenary meeting spirit, is now facing the Hongshan lab all fixed researchers, start the lab 2022 annual major project reporting.

A, financing category

This year's major project funding category is divided into industrial chain projects and basic research projects; project implementation period of 3 years; in principle, the chain average project funding amount 150-200 million/item, basic research projects in the average funding amount of 80-100 million/item.

Second, the funding direction

Around the laboratory studies the direction of agricultural biological germplasm resources protection and innovation, agriculture, biological importance of The Shape of the biological basis, agriculture bio green high-quality varieties cultivation, agricultural green production systems, agricultural products quality safety and nutrition to health, to carry out Biological Seed Industry of cutting-edge scientific research, core key technologies synergistic research studies addressing Biological Seed Industry major scientific issues, fostering significant research results, and produce the actual conversion of the value of the outcomes, promote, promote results-based industrialization. Third, the reporting requirements

1, a major project in principle limited to the laboratory fixed researchers declare.

2, The applicant should be the project of the the actual head and implementation of it.

3, The Lab encourages fixed between researchers, as well as in combination with other non-build units, non-fixed researchers to cooperate with one another to solve biological seed industry basic research and the industrial chain of scientific problems.

4, the per person limits the auspices of 1, Join 1 or the non-hosting only participate in 2 items. In the study of open questions Project Managers should not be used as the moderator declared the new project.

Fourth, the costs and the scientific results of the signature requirements

1, the Hongshan lab major project funding not appropriated, taken in Hongshan laboratory reporting system, and in strict compliance with the Hubei Hongshan laboratory requirements management approach to the action.

2, assume the Hongshan lab major project achievements outputs, the signature rules see the Hubei Hongshan laboratory on the regulation of the outcome of the signature of the regulations, marked“Hubei Hongshan laboratory funded”is Supported by the Hubei in Hongshan Laboratory, and the signature Hubei Hongshan Laboratory in principle, the signature sequence of the first unit, the special circumstances can be agreed on.

V. mode of application and the time

A mode of application

Items taken offline mode of application, the applicant is to download and fill in the project Declaration, the declared information summary table, see Annex, and the sealed units, the paper version of the project report and accessories material one and 2 parts by mail to the laboratory management office.

While the electronic version of the project application, declare the information in the summary table and other material sent to the laboratory mailbox, please also send a word version and a PDF version, so that subsequent information statistics.

(二)application time

The electronic version of the materials received time: 2022 Year 7 month 20 day-8 months 20 days.

The paper version of the material receiving time: 2022 7 on 25 November-8 December 25th.

Sixth, contact information

1, the contact e-mail:

2, the contact person: Ms. mA


Annex 1,+Hubei Hongshan lab major project to declare the book Chain project. doc

Annex 2+Hubei Hongshan lab major project to declare the book basis of the research project. doc

Annex 3+洪山实验室2022年度重大项目信息汇总表.xls

Annex 4+湖北洪山实验室关于规范成果署名的规定.docx

Annex 5+湖北洪山实验室经费管理办法.docx

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所有应用程序信息和数据将受 GDPR 保护

All the application information and data will be protected under GDPR


所有应用程序信息和数据将受 GDPR 保护

All the application information and data will be protected under GDPR