2022 overseas preferably green results?

The following references know almost anonymous user quiz.

Anonymous user:

2022.6.17: personal opinion, with yours truly as, at present, the application of most of your friends should be not whether the will of the message. I guess now should be to Fund Committee summary statistics letter evaluation results of the stage, and the Fund of the Commission's current focus should be on the state of the Natural series of projects, preferably green, on the surface, the green group of the review, the sea is preferably should be placed after, Of course, also possible at the same time. Now feel able to know the message is less likely than not, the Fund Commission on a confidential this regard, it should be very strict. It will review really starts, there will be a lot of people know that, after all, participate in the evaluation of the experts are more.

Letter evaluation stage, although the reality may indeed there shop around to find the situation is even accurate to combat the letter assessment specialist, I want to also be a handful, after all, violations, but before the Fund of the Commission informed through a similar situation. As for the letter assessment specialist, I believe that all of the letter of evaluation experts are objective and fair, after all, can be connected to the sea, preferably the review invitation, academic standards is certainly there, technical and scientific issues level of certainty no problem. Review favors the ingredients are certainly there, but trust the experts also based on the applicant's academic standards as a precondition. As Will the evaluation stage, certainly human factors, as I believe it will review experts to academic standards is a major prerequisite to the formation of the reviewers ' comments.

I think a variety of project review, it should be in whole or equitable, to be absolutely fair, never, unless the draw, all days are meant to be. Feel now the domestic environment as a whole for the better, although the circle of learning a valve or the like a phenomenon exists, but work hard, good at academic exchange of people means real academic exchange, not by meeting in La circles, to engage in a relationship should be a great opportunity. So, don't anxiety, bow and pull the car and looked up the road, muffled Daihatsu Choi, insist Aoyama, do not relax, the prospect is a good.

Anonymous user:

2022 年 8 月 6: browse 460 million, the answer to 58, attention 763。 Answer essence: the rest of the faculty, the next week will be Review.

2022 年 7 月 31: browse 389 million, the answer 47, attention 707 on. Essence: on Thursday will review the known information, the working material.

2022 年 7 月 24: browse 349 million, the answer 47, attention 686。

2022 年 7 月 17: browse 310 million, the answer 45, attention 646。 No will review the exact message.

2022 年 7 月 3: browse 247 million, the answer 41, attention 599 in. No news...

2022 年 6 月 26: browse 213 million, to answer 39, attention 578。

2022 年 6 月 16: browse 156 million, the answer to 34, attention 527, no valuable message.

2022 年 6 月 9: browse 122 million, the answer to 33, the attention 481。 This year does not heat.

2022 年 6 月 2: The views 85. 9 million, the answer to 34, attention 418。

2022 年 5 月 29: the views 46. 7 million, the answer to 23, the attention 285。 PS temporarily without too much valuable information to answer. Gangster may not end up broke, or gangster last year substantially Bank, this year the number of applicants to or less than last year's popular right now.

2022 年 5 月 28: the views 42. 5 million, the answer to 21, the attention 263。

2022 年 5 月 27: the views 39. 3 million, the answer to 19, the concern 247。

2022 年 5 月 26: the views 33. 6 million, the answer to 19, the attention of 232. Essence: the beginning supplementary materials.

2022 年 5 月 25: the views 27. 1 million, the answer to 15, the attention of 200.

2022 年 5 月 24: the views 22. 1 million, the answer is 12.

2022 年 5 月 23: the views 19 million, the answer is 12.

2022 年 5 月 22: the views 16. 8 million, the answer is 12. Gossip essence summary: 85 min priority funding, the 70-85 points agreed to Fund(on)。

2022 年 5 月 21: the views 15. 6 million, the answer is 12.

2022 5 May 20: rank 13. 9 million, the answer of 11. Already have the answer essence Summary: a letter of evaluation of the end, the experts of 7 people.

Anonymous user:

Just before dawn: the Fluke will, supposedly the result is a priority. Don't know the score, don't know the other sectors will not then brush people can do is continue to wait. I wish you good luck!

Four: learn the latest news is that the letter of evaluation ranking has been made, and has been transferred to another Department, you know it. Will the evaluation also did not have any message out, and so gangster out broke~

Update(6.24 own top): in accordance with last year's progress, the function evaluation over a month and a half or so have started the evaluation, it has been very fast. This year the Chiefs broke a little, the so-called will of the message is“I heard someone else”, reliability is worrying, not even an anonymous dare to inquire into their own on the determination of the message. Hope everyone be treated with caution so-called Message, do not deliberately manufactured anxiety.

Update your own look at the top):does how many points can be on the Ah?

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