2019 Hangzhou Overseas High-level Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition- up to 200,000 RMB Winner Prize!

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As an overseas cooperation institution of Zhejiang Province, the Association organizes global talent registration for 2019 Hangzhou Overseas High-level Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. The competition will provide a minimum of 20,000 RMB  for the finalists and a maximum of 200,000 for top one , and international travel subsidy of up to 7,000 per person for each selected team (up to two person per team);

ways of registration
Download  and fill the Registration Form 2019·Hangzhou Competition HTTU, together with the degree certificate, passport, BP etc., email to the following email address.

All nationalities welcomed!

Email name format: Project Name+ Main participate name
E-mail: info@techtalentsuk.com
Registration deadline:July 15
Early November: selected teams will be invited to Hangzhou live roadshow
Mid-November : Hangzhou  Finals Live Roadshow

Contest reward
For the semi-final stage of the competition, the team that participated in the competition and participated in the “2019 Hangzhou International Talent Exchange and Project Cooperation Conference” in November will receive the corresponding competition bonus, as shown in the following table:

Awards Awards (a) Bonus amount
(10,000 yuan)

Prize Type:

200,000 RMB (1st)

100,000 RMB  (2th to 5th)

50,000 RMB  (6th to 12th)

20,000 RMB (13th to 152th)
2. Participation and participation reception

During the competition and participation in the competition, the accommodation and activity transportation of the participating teams (each team member is limited to 2 persons) will be arranged by the organizer of the competition. Those who participate in the activities of the “2019 Hangzhou International Talent Exchange and Project Cooperation Conference” will also be given certain standard international travel subsidies.

Venture funding
The outstanding projects that won the first, second and third prizes of the competition and entered the semi-final stage will be transformed into 5 million, 3 million, 2 million yuan and 20-100 million yuan without any assessment within one year after the end of the competition. According to the ranking of the rematch, the municipal high-level overseas returnees of the RMB shall be funded by the Hangzhou Entrepreneurship Innovation Project; if the conversion is implemented within the two years after the end of the competition, the project may be re-evaluated and the project will remain advanced after review. The corresponding city-level high-level returned overseas students can be funded in the Hangzhou Venture Innovation Project.

At the same time, if the excellent projects that enter the semi-final stage of the competition are implemented in Hangzhou, the support policies for the place where the enterprise is registered can be obtained without review.

In order to further introduce overseas high-tech projects, attract overseas high-level talents and teams to bring projects to Hangzhou to innovate and start a business, Hangzhou Municipal Government will hold “Creator World·2019 Hangzhou Overseas High-level Talents Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” (hereinafter referred to as “Contest”) . Registration is not limited to nationality, special foreigners are special.

Hangzhou Introduction
Hangzhou is a paradise-like city, the headquarters of the e-commerce giant Alibaba, the venue of the 2016 G20 Summit (see http://eng.hangzhou.gov.cn/col/col1450889/index.html for a brief introduction) . In order to meet the needs of Hangzhou’s rapid economic development and attract high-tech innovative talents and entrepreneurial projects, Hangzhou has established a number of high-tech entrepreneurial parks, including international entrepreneurial parks for non-Chinese. In order to promote the development of high-tech industries, China is also implementing increasingly strict intellectual property protection laws and support for high-tech companies.

Organizer: Hangzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government
Organizer: Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee Organization Department (Talent Office), Hangzhou Science and Technology Commission, Hangzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau
Special support units: Shangcheng District of Hangzhou, Xiacheng District of Hangzhou, Jianggan District of Hangzhou, Gongshu District of Hangzhou, Xihu District of Hangzhou, High-tech Zone of Hangzhou (Binjiang), Xiaoshan District of Hangzhou, Fuyang District of Hangzhou, Hangzhou University Jiangdong Industrial Cluster Area, Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Zhejiang Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City (Hai Chuang Garden), Zhejiang Qingshan Lake Science and Technology City

Contest theme
Focusing on the development of the city’s information economy and promoting smart applications, the competition integrates various innovation and entrepreneurial elements, and strives to build a comprehensive platform of government-led, multi-participation, gathering policies, talents, capital, industry, market and other resources. It is a project in key industries such as smart industry, high-tech industry, strategic emerging industry and traditional industrial upgrading. It enhances the innovation atmosphere, stimulates innovation vitality, guides innovation investment, attracts more overseas talents to come to Hangzhou to innovate and start business, and further enhance The level of internationalization of Hangzhou City has boosted the construction of the “two districts” and economic transformation and upgrading of the city.




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