收下这份干货吧!2020杭州海外人才创业大赛常见问题解答 Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1. Is business proposal needed during registration for the competition?

Q1. 比赛报名时是否需要商业计划书?

A:You will need to submit a business proposal



Q2. Should we upload the file of the project in .ppt format or .pdf format? Are we supposed to both describe the project in the registration form and upload the ppt/pdf file? Where/how to upload?

Q2. 上传的项目文件格式推荐ppt还是pdf?是否需要在登记表中描述项目并上传ppt/pdf文件?上传途径或方式是什么?

A:You can upload the ppt or pdf of BP onto the registration system as mentioned above, the size of the document should be within 20Mbs.

You can follow the steps of the online registration system after logging in to fill up and upload information being required on each website page. You are not going to fill up your ppt information in the word version of registration form being provided, however you can upload your business proposal to the online registration system as an attachment. It is not mandatory to use the ppt template, you can use your original ppt.



Q3. What is the difference between “Financing amount” and “Total project expected input”?

Q3. “融资额”与“项目预计总投入”有什么区别?

A:“Financing amount” means the amount of investment that your proposed project is seeking currently. If there are no fund-raising demands, you can type in: N/A;

“Total project expected input” means the amount of expenditure, including all that you decide to invest in the proposed project which will contest during the competition.




Q4. Can the company be “Achievement holder”?

Q4. 企业能否作为知识产权的主体?

A:There are 3 options for you to choose regarding “Achievement holder”: “Myself” means the founder of the proposed project has the 100% ownership of its IP. “Partnership” means the founding team members share the ownership of the IP. “Institution” means other organization including universities or R&D centre, labs have the IP, as some projects were spinouts from institutions’ research findings.

A:共有3种选择:“本人”是指项目创始人拥有100%  的知识产权所有权。“合伙”是指创始团队成员共享知识产权。“机构”则是指包括大学、研发中心、实验室在内的其他组织拥有知识产权,因为有些项目是从机构的研究成果衍生出来的。


Q5. What to fill in the blanket: Patent status?

Q5. 专利状况如何填写?

You can briefly describe the current situation of the proposed project’s patent application for protection in a global context (to what extent it is entitled to be protected, in a region, a country, a continent or worldwide).



Q6. In the registration form: Innovative & entrepreneurial experience and Innovative technology and achievements: how to define these?

Q6. 如何界定登记表中“创新创业经验和创新技术及成果”?

You can briefly describe according to your previous experience during an academic and/or professional career. If any, why your proposed project is competitive and has great potential in the market due to your previous experience.



Q7. Is it possible to receive the slides?

Q7. 可以提供宣讲的相关PPT资料吗?

A:Please come to the organization who recommended you to today’s webinar and the competition, we will share the slides to them.



Q8. The requirement of the age of the contestant?

Q8. 参赛者是否有年龄要求?

A:Under 55 years old, which means that the founder who is entitled to register for this year’s competition should be born in or after 1965.



Q9. Is there any focus related to sports technology, especially around the Beijing 2022 Olympics?

Q9.  在北京2022冬奥会前后,有没有与体育科技相关的焦点?

A:Anything that you think is technology-related and has a great potential can apply for the competition this year.

There are several sports’ motion detection companies applying for last and this year’s competition.



Q10. Is Hangzhou fully reopened?

Q10. 杭州全面解封了吗?

A:Hangzhou now is reopened under certain regulations. If you ask this question regarding the way of participating in the final contest, it won’t be a problem, as we are going to deploy different methods, such as online roadshows as well as contests of different rounds this year.



Q11. Can the team consist of both Chinese student who is studying abroad and foreigners?

Q11.  项目团队能由正在国外学习的中国学生和外国人组成吗?

A:Yes, of course.



Q12. Given the current restrictions, would finalist need to travel onsite, and the program will run entirely online?

Q12. 根据现在的疫情情况,入围者是否需要到现场参赛,还是将全程通过线上比赛?

A:We don’t have very solid answers currently, because we still need to see how the pandemic outbreaks go in a couple of months this year. The grand final competition will be held on November, so we still have time. We might hold the competition online if there are still problems and restrictions.



Q13. Is the competition only applies for those technology companies? What about health and wellness related companies?

Q13.  比赛只能科技公司参与吗?与健康相关的公司呢?

A:Health and wellness companies also can apply for the competition. This year’s competition has a specific industrial track for contestant projects that is opened to all the health and wellness companies.



Q14. Can any IP companies have, remain registered outside of China?

Q14. 知识产权主体能否在中国境外注册?

A:Yes, it is irrelevant where the IP is registered. It is relevant who in the contestant team or what institution own the IP. Please refer to Q4 and Q5 for more information.



Q15. Perhaps IP could be licensed to the created Chinese Entity?

Q15.  知识产权可以被授权给中国公司主体吗?

A:Yes, the IP could be licensed to the created Chinese Entity.


Q16. Should we prepare BP in both Chinese and English?

Q16.  我们需要准备双语的BP吗?

A:If you are in the sector of “foreigners’ session”, English version would be okay, but Chinese version could be a plus.



Q17. Is this investment (equity) or competition with “prize” funding?

Q17.  大赛奖励是股权投资还是参赛奖金?

A:The competition won’t provide investment other than prize funding, landing support. Projects that will land and implement transformations in Hangzhou can also enjoy preferential policies such as tax relief, rent subsidies, financing guarantees, and loan discounts in the park.

However, the equity investment is another thing from the group of VCs in Hangzhou who are attracted by the competition every year, and VC partners of the organizing committee. The competition has launched an investors’ alliances since 2020, introducing more than 50 major investors or VC firms to this competition to have a look at all the proposed projects during the competition.




Q18. Is there a standard amount for the prize funding, and then there may be additional funding from investors if that is agreed by the team and the investors?

Q18.  奖金资金是有一个标准数额的吗?如果团队与投资人/机构达成一致,会有来自投资者的额外资金吗?

A:The question about the investment further after the competition: On November, 48 will be selected for the final, and we’re giving out one first-place prize, 4 second-place prizes and 7 third-place prizes for the top 12 projects that will enter the grand final. They will also have the opportunities to receive 5 million, 3 million or 2 million financial funding support. Projects that have entered the semi-final, after landed in Hangzhou, will have access to minimum 200000 financial subsidies, some entitled to 1000000 according to your rankings during the competition.

For more information, I have shared the website of the competition this year with both Chinese and English versions online. (http://www.hzzjlx.com/icehz/Index/nindex)



Q19. As part of the submission process, there are questions relating to submitting passport number details. Could you please shed some light on why this is required at this stage before beginning finalist?

Q19.  提交过程中有要求提交护照号码等详细信息,现阶段需要吗?

A:At this stage, the passport number is not necessary to submit, and you can provide the passport number when you need to come to China to attend on-site contest. A passport number is required only when you need us to provide the invitation letter for you to come to China for applying for visa.



Q20. Is the competition prize equity-free? Does the Hangzhou government ask for any kind of equity from the company or any sort of shares?

Q20. 大赛福利是免费的吗?杭州市政府会要求公司提供任何形式的股权或股份吗?

A:No, the prize is just a policy or subsidy.You can see it as allowances giving out to those awarded contestants after the competition. Investment equity and share’s problem is another thing with the investment firms.



Q21. One question about the  Financial Support for Entrepreneur,what does that mean? Is it a loan for startups or government will give money to these teams gaining prizes for free and help them to develop their business?

Q21.  创业资助意味着什么?是给创业公司的贷款?还是政府会给获奖团队提供额外资金,帮助他们发展业务?

A:It is not a loan. It’s a subsidy or an allowance, it’s a compensation given to the startups. However, they have certain regulations for how much expenditure you will spend in Hangzhou including R&D or labour cost determined by annual audits to the actual expenditure from a startup or company who actually registered in Hangzhou after the competition. Relevant department will grant the subsidies accordingly.



Q22. Would it be possible to share examples of the VC firms involved in the competition just in case they don’t focus on our areas of business?

Q22. 能否分享一些风投公司参与大赛的例子,以便我们了解其专注领域?

A:About VC firms, for more information, you can find a list of VC firms the competition cooperates with on the official website of the competition.



Q23. How we evaluate different startups and who will meet the standards to different levels of prizes? Can you please explain in detail?

Q23. 可以详细说明下,如何评估不同的初创公司以及名次的评定标准吗?

A:Different startups will be divided into different review groups according to their professional fields, such as, health, digital economy, intelligent manufacturing, etc. According to the opinion of the review experts, the top 136-168 will enter the semi-finals. The first 48 startups of the semi-finals will enter the finals, and the top 12 of the finals will enter the grand finals.

A:参赛项目将根据专业领域分为不同的组别, 如大健康、数字经济、智能制造等。根据评审专家的意见,所有符合参赛条件的参赛项目中,将有136-168个项目进入复赛,通过复赛决选出48个项目进入决赛,最后将有12个项目进入总决赛。


Q24. How would you evaluate projects, if the participants’ progress is at different stage? For example, one at MV stage and another one at the idea stage ?

Q24.  如果参与者在不同阶段,你们将如何评估项目?如种子阶段和成熟期的项目?

A:According to the results of previous competitions, if projects with the similar technical, the mature one are more likely to achieve good rankings compare to project at the idea stage.



Q25. Are there limitations for what competition prizes can be spent on? e.g. Does it have to be spent in china, is it only for R&D or can it be used for marketing etc.

Q25. 比赛奖金的使用是否有限制?如必须花在中国或仅限用于研发、营销等?

A:The prize is to individuals, so there’s no limitation on where and what the money has to be spent on.



Q26. I understand the competition prize money is a set amount, but the form asks how much money you are seeking for. So not sure whether the “amount” relates to investment?

Q26. 比赛奖金是一个固定的数额,但报名表中有问到需要多少钱。所以这个“金额”是否与投资有关?

A:Yes, it is related to the money you determined to raise for your company, it is separate from the prize.



Q27. Is a full business plan required for the competition or is it just if you also want to seek equity investment?

Q27. 参赛是否都需要一份完整的商业计划书,还是只针对想要寻求股权投资的?

A:Yes, BP is required.



Q28. Is there a full terms and conditions document (the website seems fairly general)?

Q28. 是否有更完整的条款和条件文件可供参考?

A:Please click “Read more (阅读原文)” button under all the content of this article to receive the elaborated document.



Q29. Is there a requirement to go to China for the finals? I know there are many unknowns still restrict global travels, and I have two young children and am not sure I can commit to attending the final in person particularly if we are still in a pandemic/semi pandemic situation

Q29. 有要求必须去中国参加决赛吗?据了解目前还有很多未知因素限制着全球出行,我有两个孩子,疫情情况下,我不确定是否能亲自参加决赛

A:It used to be required for entitled contestants to go to China for the last three rounds of contests, however, we are planning to move the competition online due to the pandemic.



Q30:Please give a rough description of the minimum requirements.


A:Contestants must prove their experience, scalability, and a broad market prospect. People who have already started their business in HZ are not able to enter. Projects should have no more than 4 team members, should submit their detailed business plan, including funding plan, technological insights. Detailed competition requirements can be re-read on this website.



Q31:What is the deadline/schedule?


A:It is end of June, however, the earlier you apply you more attention you get since the number of competition applicants yearly exceeds 1000.



Q32:What kind of financial plan should be provided?


A:To put it simply, you must be aware of how much funding you are seeking and you will already be asked about this in the application for the competition. A financial plan should include a forecast, financing need, the basic financial parameters of your business.



Q33:Which technology to promote & which industries are the competition aimed at?


A:There is a slight focus of this competition, such as health tech, digital economy, smart manufacturing. There is also a group called “general industries”. However, at the end of the day, you must have somewhat market fit technologies, focus on the local market, getting to know the government, enjoy the incubation process also during the competition. There has to be a market fit which is also evaluated in the pre-selection of the competition to evaluate the offering to the market. Keep realistic of how to approach China landing.



Q34:How to pick an industry during the application process if your company is active in various sectors?


A:Apply for your main technology.

Q35:Who could or should apply?


A:A competitive company, with a technological advantage. Student startups focusing on foreign trade, are less likely to be able to enter the competition. Innovative & disruptive solutions in the sectors mentioned before have a higher chance. Certain level of maturity is definitely a great advantage, for instance expanding companies from their home markets intending to scale in China.



Q36:How can we reach out or collaborate with Chinese companies?


A:During the competition, you have many chances and exposure to connect to local VCs, companies, government and other partners.



Q37:What will the subsidies and allowances consist of?


A:Projects that will land and implement transformations in Hangzhou can also enjoy preferential policies such as tax relief, rent subsidies, financing guarantees, and loan discounts in their tech parks. For example, R&D expenses, office space, subsidies, etc., all have chance to be compensated.  It is based on the actual situation of the annual audit and the  registration status. Even if you can’t access all subsidies, you get the chance to use free apartments, free office space and excess subsidies for office space.



Q38:The worry about (not) having a prototype


A:If you have a technological solution that is for instance cloud-based, then it is suggested presently that and try to visualize it.


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All the application information and data will be protected under GDPR


所有应用程序信息和数据将受 GDPR 保护

All the application information and data will be protected under GDPR


所有应用程序信息和数据将受 GDPR 保护

All the application information and data will be protected under GDPR