Application open for 2019 Thousand Talents Plan Foreign Expert category -Up to 4 Million RMB Subsidy

The Thousand Talents Recruitment Programme (1,000 Talents Plan) is a programme established by China’s central government in 2008 for recruiting high-level scientists and talents from overseas.


For application ,please send below list of documents to

List of Documents
1. Copy of academic degree Certificate
2. Copy of passport
3. Copy of work contracts or intentional work agreements signed with both sides (affixed a seal by Chinese company)
4. Certificate of overseas Employment (every work history needed)
5. Copies or supporting materials of main achievements (representative articles, patent certificates, product certificates)
6. Leadership (Participation) Proof of Major Projects
7. Copy of award certificate
8. If the declaring entity is an enterprise, please submit the certificate of registered capital and the proof of the proportion of capital contribution (if the nature of the declaring entity is a Sino-foreign joint venture, the proportion of Chinese capital contribution must be more than 50%). Please also provide the address of the company website.
9. 2-inch Blue-background electronic photo
10. Video of the applicant’s personal statement(video should be about 5 minutes; file should be “FLV” format; there should be Chinese subtitles. Applicants should focus on presenting their ideas for work in China, including employment objectives and expected contributions,etc.)



Specifically, it offers significant financial support to high-level overseas scientists and experts who decide to relocate to China for conducting research in high-tech industries or in new fields at the frontiers of science, or to participate in the country’s major scientific programmes, key laboratories, state-owned enterprises, state-owned financial institutions, or high-tech development zones and industrial parks.

The programme consists of several categories targeting a different pool of experts, including one exclusively targeting foreign scientists.

Several lower-level administrations (e.g. Shanghai) also established local-level 1,000 Thousand Plans for recruiting overseas talents within their jurisdictions. These will be introduced in the “Local Funding Programmes” section of this website.


The Foreign Expert category exclusively targets foreign experts (including non-ethnic Chinese nationals) who are willing to return or come to China on a full-time basis. Basic qualification requirements include:

Under 65 years of age
After recruitment, work in the host institution full-time for at least 3 years
Other requirements of the Innovative Talents (Long Term) category (see above)
Note: age, academic and professional qualifications may be relaxed in case of extremely needed talents or in exceptional cases of outstanding performance.

The awardees will mainly be granted preferential policies in terms of entry-exit immigration (including for their families), residence, medical care, insurance, housing, tax and salary. A lump sum of 1 million RMB of research subsidies will also be granted to each awardee, together with 3 to 5 million RMB of additional research subsidies to awardees engaging in scientific research, particularly basic research.

It is also noteworthy that foreign awardees are often also encouraged to lead or to take part in other local or national government-funded programmes. The project team identified evidence of at least three European winners of this category of the 1,000 Talents Plan currently acting as team leaders or subtopic leaders for large National Key R&D Programmes.

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