2019 Beijing Tour for Overseas Talents Invitation –

Dear Sir/Madam,

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to join us for the 2019 Beijing Tour for Overseas Talents (BTOT) from Monday, November 4 to Wednesday, November 6!

As the capital of China, Beijing is a national political, cultural, international exchange and technological innovation center, and it has always been the first choice for talents at home and abroad to innovate and start up a business.

Beijing has the most abundant human resources, the most concentrated research institutes, and the most active capital market in the country. At the same time, it constantly improves innovation policies and environment, and strives to provide better services for returnees, so that these people of insight can realize their values and dreams in Beijing as they embark on a new career in municipal hospitals, universities, and state-owned enterprises, or start up a new business to carry out and commercialize R&D projects in Beijing.

The 2019 BTOT arranges various activities, including but not limited to forums, workshops, investment docking sessions, and site visits. We sincerely hope that you can take this opportunity to immerse yourself in Beijing, experience its powerful potential, and hopefully find your passion in this ancient yet modern metropolitan.

We look forward to your participation, and we will be waiting for you right here in Beijing!

Beijing Overseas Talents Center


Please refer to the latest notice from BOTC if any changes should happen in the schedule.






★2019 Beijing Overseas Talents Summit

★Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum


★Innovation & Entrepreneurship Workshop

★Overseas Talents Work Forum

★Investment/Employment Docking Session


★Site Visit



How to apply

Professional talents

Eligible for the “2019 Beijing Position List for Overseas High-level Talents”. For more information of the position openings, please see Attachment.

please visit for apply


Position List


Entrepreneurial talents

1. Master’s degree or above from overseas institutes.

2. Possess industrial projects and patented technology.

please visit for apply


Deadline: All applications MUST be completed and submitted by Monday, October 7, 5:00 pm (Beijing time)

Applicants MUST choose either “Professional” or “Entrepreneurial”. Any applicant who apply for both types will be disqualified.


The organizing committee will provide accommodation, transportation and site visits (as scheduled) in Beijing, as well as international travel reimbursements (see below) for those who have received and confirmed the official invitation letter.

Reimbursement standards vary depending on the place of departure:

1. Participants from Europe/America/Australia: RMB 5000 yuan/person

2. Participants from the Asia-Pacific region: RMB 3000 yuan/person

The reimbursement can NOT be provided unless the following documents are presented:

1.Passport (time of entry no earlier than 09/23/2019, 00:00 Beijing time)

2. Airplane ticket itinerary

3. Boarding pass
Special Reminder

1. If the actual air fare is below reimbursement standard, only the actual costs can be reimbursed; If the airplane ticket is redeemed by frequent-flyer miles or credits, no reimbursement will be provided.

2. Participants are expected to check in on time and attend all activities; The activities are exclusive to overseas talents who are officially invited. Families and friends of the invited will NOT be served.

3. Overseas returnees who have returned to work or started business in China, or have participated in the “Beijing Tour for Overseas Talents” in the past years are NOT ELIGIBLE for this year’s event; Those who forge application documents will be blacklisted, and should bear all consequences.

4. The 2019 BTOT is invitation-only. The organizing committee will send out official invitation letters via email.

The organizing committee reserves the right of final interpretation.